21 Best High Traffic Vlogging Niches For YouTube

Starting a vlog channel on YouTube isn’t easy at all. You have to look upon various aspects such as your budget to invest in your vlog, intention of your vlog, topics, etc. before starting your vlog channel. Among those aspects, vlogging niches are the most important feature for your vlog channel. 

vlogging niches


What are vlogging niches mean?

In simple words, vlogging niche means videography of a specific thing. It can be anything such as videos of a particular subject, videos of a specific geographical region, or about a group of people.

Before starting, you need to decide which vlogging niche you want to target. You have to have a clear picture in your mind before choosing a particular niche.

How to choose a vlogging niche?

Choosing a niche or topic for your vlog is demand three thing from you, ie. how much skill or knowledge you have about this niche, how much you are interested in making multiple videos based on this topic and most importantly the market of this niche. Though passion should be your foremost thing to make a video. But if you want to see success in your vlog then you need to prioritize the market demand of the particular topic.

In this blog, I have mentioned some popular vlogging niches with high traffic and you may find suitable. But remember your content should be good, then you’ll attract a real audience towards your channel.

1. Travel

Travel vlog is one of the most trending and interesting vlog niches one vlogger can embrace. You need some equipment like a camera or phone, bags to carry other tools and you are set to go. Explore new places around the world and show those places to your viewers in a creative way is the main purpose of this vlog niche.

Apart from showing new places, vlogger can cover some certain topics in his video such as how to reach the place, make a cinematic video, talk about the accommodation for the future visitors, about your experience for this place as a whole, then talk about your next trip, Interesting travel stories, travel tips, etc.

Best travel YouTube channel names – Lost LeBlanc, Hey Nadine

2. Cooking

You will find thousands of awesome cooking videos on YouTube. The demand and traffic in this niche are huge. People all over the world loved to watch cooking videos for entertainment and also for cooking tutorials for making a special dishes. To try this niche you should have a passion for cooking. Regional food niches (Indian, Mexican, Japanese, etc.), diet-specific niches, and food type niches ( Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, desserts, etc.) are some examples of cooking vlog niches.


Best cooking YouTube channel names – Dianxi Xiaoge, Village Cooking Channel

3. Tutorials

A tutorial is one of the best vlog niches for your vlog channel. It requires knowledge and skills about a particular subject before you start teaching. Education, Job, Photography, Videography, Music, Coding, Digital marketing, Career tips, Dance, etc. are the topics that come under the tutorials vlogging niche as a whole.


Best tutorial YouTube channel name – > For Programming Learning – DevTips, For SEO – Income School

4. Entertainment

Entertainment niche includes news, gossip, upcoming events about movies, and music industries. This is a big niche where search volume is very high but the competition is too tough because there are lots of vloggers who are covering this niche. So, you need to find unique topics about the entertainment niches where you can attract an audience.

entertainment techwh

Best entertainment YouTube channel names – Screen Rant, Dude Perfect.

5. Sports

Sports is another popular niche you should look for. If you have interested in sports activity then you should try this niche.  There are hundreds of sports played around the world. Choose one sport that you love to discuss then make a vlog channel on this.


Best sports YouTube channel names – Highlight Heaven, Chris Smoove.

6. Daily Vlog

This is a personal vlog where you are documenting your life, your thoughts. In this niche, you can show the audience your daily life activity such as touring your house or room, your daily routine from morning to night, share your skill, share your favorite cooking style, organizing projects, recommend a book you have read, films you watch, games you played, get ready with me, make-up tutorials, tips on saving money, stay fit strategies, review your favorite products you bought, etc are some of the topics you may cover.


Best Daily vlog YouTube channel names – Casey Neistat, Ben Brown.

7. How To

When a question arises in our mind or for instance when we try to solve a technical problem regarding our mobile phone or laptop, we immediately search on YouTube with a starting line “How to fix …..” like that and by looking at a video we try to solve our problem.

Just like other vloggers you can try to solve people’s problems and make a vlog channel based on this niche. It may be related to finance, technical, life’s problem, health problem, etc.


Best “How to” YouTube channel names – HowToBasic, Dr screw.

8. DIY

DIY stands for “Do It Yourself”. This means you are choosing to do a particular task with the help of available resources instead of hiring someone to do that. Which also includes building, modifying, and repairing certain things by you. Home decor, leftover tile decor, design bookshelves, hand-paint wallpaper, reuse bottles, cement hacks, garden sculptures, build own entertainment center, build own compost bin is such ideas for DIY projects.


Best DIY YouTube channel names – Girl Crafts, 5-Minute Crafts

9. Finance

To cover this vlog niche you need knowledge and have command about this subject. It is a comparatively tough niche than the other vlogging niche, but in this subject, there is a tremendous audience. It is a low competitive high CPC niche. Personal finance, making money, financial Independence, cryptocurrency, student loans, retirement plans, etc, are some of the topics under this niche.

Best finance YouTube channel names – Sorelle Amore Finance, The Rich Dad Channel

10. Funny

After a long boring & hectic day people want to see a comedy video or a funny video, this will help them relaxed and be fresh. The watch times of funny videos on YouTube are growing day by day. Prank videos, meme videos, selfie fail compilation, funny fail compilation are some of the ideas you may cover.


Best funny YouTube channel names – Dolan Twins, Smosh.

11. Fitness

This niche is related to health-related topics. You can make videos about stay fit healthy in any circumstances, how to stay fit during pregnancy, how to do yoga, how to weight loss & gain, fitness equipment or gadgets, diet, etc.


Best fitness YouTube channel names – Blogilates, Hey Nadine.

12. ASMR

This niche is getting popular day by day among viewers.  Now many thousands of channels are dedicated to ASMR videos. The full form of ASMR is “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”. These videos are made to calm your mind by soothing sounds by a mixture of technology and sound. Also, it helps to focus on something and fall asleep. Whispering, food eating, the sound of water drops, page-turning, whistling, hair play are some of the ideas for the ASMR vlog niche.

Gentle Whispering ASMR maria

ASMR YouTube channel names – Gentle Whispering ASMR maria, ASMR Darling.

13. Online money making

This niche has a huge number of followers. As people seek different ways of making money online. You can make videos about the ways of money-making strategy for the viewers. If you provide genuine ways then eventually your audience will grow day by day.

most profitable youtube niches

Online money making YouTube channel names – Earn With Sapna, Tips From Lori.

14. Challenges

People love to watch challenging videos on YouTube. Mostly, because of humor or comedy. They find relaxation after watching this kind of video. For making these types of videos you need a helping hand. Here you can collaborate with other vloggers for making these videos. By doing this you both will get benefited. Blindfolded food eating, ice bucket challenge, ghost pepper challenge, drawing or paint blindfolded, makeup challenge, eating lemon without making any expression are some popular ideas for the Challange vlog niche.


Challenges YouTube channel names – Good Mythical Morning, Tyler Oakley

15. Technology

This is the most competitive vlog niche in YouTube and yet one of the most profitable vlog niches. It’s very a broad niche, so you have so many options to choose from such as unboxing products, reviewing gadgets, recommendations for new or budget-friendly smartphones, laptops cameras, and other accessories, provide the latest technology news, your favorite apps, etc.


Best technology YouTube channel names – Unbox Therapy, Marques Brownlee.

16. Parenting

Parenting is an awesome vlog niche for those who have children in their homes. Raising children is a difficult task and everybody knows that. There are so many things or challenges to notice before and after childbirth. To face these certain situations you can make videos about them. Breastfeeding, babywearing, baby Food, working parents, parents self-care, homeschooling are some of the ideas for the parent’s vlog niche.

low competition niches for youtube

Best parenting YouTube channel names – The Parenting Junkie, High Energy Parenting.

17. Reviews

Review something is another niche for your vlog. Review a new or trending product, review books that you have read, review new and old movies, review games, food review you eat, restaurant, hotel review you have visited are some ideas for this niche.


Movie reviews YouTube channel name – Chris Stuckmann. Technology reviews YouTube channel name – Lim Reviews.

18. Art

If you are an artist, make a YouTube channel and post your amazing art on that channel. It is an awesome niche to showcase your skills. Drawing or painting tutorials, Blindfold drawing challenge, DIY art project, show your tools or products you use to draw, ASMR coloring, your painting collection are some of the ideas.


Best art YouTube channel name – HamRib Art, Wow Art.

19. Lifestyle

In the Lifestyle niche, vloggers make videos about their way of living, their interests, and activities. Fashion, Beauty products, DIY ideas, Day and night makeup routine, time management tips, time savings management, lessons learned from your life, bad habits to break, money-saving tips, etc. are the ideas for this niche.


Best lifestyle YouTube channel names – Nicole Guerriero, Danielle Mansutti.

20. Gaming

Though it is regarded sub-niche of technology, you can choose this niche as the main niche for your vlog. Because the gaming industry is growing rapidly day by day, it has lots of potentials to gain an audience and also to earn money. Gaming reviews, sharing gaming news, live on the various hosting platforms, suggesting and your favorite game, the life of a gamer, gaming tutorials, game building tutorials, unboxing gaming gadgets, participate in the game challenges are the ideas for this niche.

most profitable youtube niches

Best gaming YouTube channel names – A_S Gaming, MrBeast Gaming.

21. Health

This niche attracts lots of audiences as every human being on earth has health-related issues sometime in their life. If it is a minor health issue many people try to solve their problems in the home by watching YouTube videos. Not only health disease but also people want to know how to stay fit. So if you have expertise in this subject you can try this. Diet and nutrition, Workout Gear, home remedies for body-related problems, skincare, haircare, mental health are ideas for this niche.


Best health YouTube channel names – Doctor Mike, DocUnlock.

Though there are multiple free video hosting platforms where you can start your vlogging journey. But in this blog, I will mostly talk about the YouTube video hosting platform as you know this is a well-known video platform around the viewers.

Low competition niches for YouTube

I have added some vlogging niches below, if you want to go for low competion. You can also research your niche by these free tools I have mentioned in this post – Best Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO

  • Plant-Based Diet
  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Cooking for single person
  • Fishing sports
  • Prepping
  • Parenting
  • Jobs (National and International)
  • Online money making

Most profitable YouTube niches

Below I have added some most profitable vlogging niches.

  • Travel vlog
  • Animations
  • Technology
  • Online Teaching
  • Product Reviews
  • Gaming
  • Marketing
  • Software
  • Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Trading


No matter which vlogging niches you are choosing, if you stay focus on creating awesome content for your audience then you will surely be able to see success. Lastly, If you have any other suggestions please feel free to comment below.

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