Decentralized Video Platform: 5 Blockchain YouTube Alternatives

Day by day YouTube is becoming very complicated. Nowadays they put more restrictions, and censorship on channels, and above that monetization problem. Talking about monetization Youtube is not profitable nowadays. So what’s the solution for this? Is there any other YouTube alternative for earning? The answer is “YES”, the decentralized video platform is the solution for this.

decentralized video platform
decentralized video platform

YouTube is a centralized video platform means there is an authority to control your videos on publishing them on YouTube i.e. you can’t upload videos on YouTube against their policy. And also many countries banned YouTube in their region, which means you can’t watch, upload videos, and earn money from this. 

Before jumping into the YouTube alternative without censorship, let’s talk about the topic of decentralized video streaming. Although the meaning of decentralization is not different from the general context, here I will be writing about this in the context of crypto or blockchain.

Decentralized video platform –

Following are some of the decentralized video platforms for creators I have mentioned. They are very flexible as compared to YouTube and from these blockchain video streaming platforms, both viewers and content creators can earn money.

1. Odysee

Odysee is the best example of a YouTube blockchain alternative. Founded by Jeremy Kauffman Odysee is a video platform built on a decentralized blockchain-based network called LBRY. Odysee was created by the team behind LBRY blockchain. On the Odysee video platform, you can buy videos and watch them for free. Both creators and viewers can earn token LBRY coins when they create videos or watches videos on their platform.

odysee video platform

In terms of censorship, and restrictions on any kind of videos, Odysee is much softer as compared to YouTube but there are some restrictions on videos (community guidelines) related to terrorism, violence, abuse, etc.

In the Odysee platform, you don’t need to have minimum followers to monetize your channel. Here people earn LBRY coins as rewards and later that can be withdrawn to cryptocurrency wallets and exchanged into fiat currencies.

2. Theta Tv

Theta Tv is an open-source decentralized video streaming platform powered by users. Theta network’s main motive is to provide high-quality and smooth video streaming services at a low cost. Their network is based on peer-to-peer (p2p) which is run by a group of community people by using their computer and excess internet bandwidth and in return, they get rewards via TFuel token.

blockchain video streaming platform

Theta network allows users to watch video content and for this, they will receive a token which is known as the Theta fuel (TFuel) token. As a viewer you can use TFuel token to redeem free subs, can donate your favorite streamers, or also you can buy merch and gaming gear in the shop. Also, both viewers and content creators can use these theta tokens to exchange them for other cryptocurrencies.

3. Livepeer

Founded by Doug Petkanics and Eric Tang in February 2017 livepeer is a fully decentralized video streaming network built on the Ethereum blockchain. The main mission of livepeer is to decentralize live video broadcasts over the internet.

YouTube alternative without censorship

Developers, users, and broadcasters can take advantage of this platform. This is a scalable platform as a service for developers who need a live or on-demand video for their projects at a low cost. Users who want to stream video, gaming, and coding can use applications built on livepeer. Also, broadcasters such as twitch who have high streaming bills can use livepeer to reduce their cost. 

Viewers will soon be able to stream video using tools built on livepeer. Users get rewards as LPT tokens for using livepeer platform and it can be exchanged into other cryptocurrencies.

4. DLive

Founded in 2017 Dlive is a live streaming service that is powered by Tron and Bittorent tokens. Nowadays, Dlive is a popular alternative to live streaming giants like YouTube and Twitch. Gamers use this platform as an alternative to Twitch. Dlive was originally operated on Steem blockchain, then Lino network when it was relaunched, and currently operated on Tron network when it is purchased by Bittorrent.

youtube alternative for earning

Like other youtube blockchain alternatives, I have mentioned above; in this platform also both viewers and content creators will get rewards for using this platform as a form of Lemon token. Viewers will get rewards for watching, chatting, gifting, or sharing content, and also viewers can support their favorite content creators by gifting Lemon tokens also.

Later you can request for payment with Lemon that you have earned but within their policy such as the smallest amount of payment will be 4250 lemon tokens i.e. equivalent to $51 and they start payout to their users every other week on Tuesday.

5. 3speak

3speak is a decentralized video platform based on Hive blockchain. Launched in 2019 3speak is for free speech and censorship resistance video platform. In this platform creators directly own their onsite assets and their communities means if the content creator doesn’t like their service, they can take their own assets to another app also 3speak cant take away your assets.

hive token

For using this platform users get rewards in Hive tokens and can receive donations in Speak tokens. In order to earn rewards, first, you need to create a Hive account.

Why decentralized video platform important ?

The antonym of centralized is decentralized. In a centralized video platform, there are so many cons such as censorship of certain topics on their platform, shadow banning, restrictions, etc. The authority may freeze your account without giving any prior warning and you can’t do anything about it other than raise an issue to them. 

To avoid such issues vloggers now heading towards the blockchain video streaming platform. The decentralized video sharing platfrom attempt to solve these kinds of problems using blockchain technology. In decentralized video platfrom, there is no authority or governing body to censor or restrict your video from uploading. In a decentralized blockchain video platform, anyone can use it from anywhere, there is no discrimination, you don’t need permission to upload videos or no one can remove your video.


Although at the moment these blockchain-based YouTube alternatives are not famous as YouTube. But believe me, the decentralized video platform will be the main competitor of YouTube in near future. Because blockchain technology or network is growing very fast. If you have any suggestions for decentralized youtube alternatives or alternatives to youtube without censorship please feel free to comment below.

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