6 Best Doodly Free Alternatives For Vloggers

Are you looking for the best doodly alternatives for your videos? Then you’re in the right place. Here I will mention some doodly free alternatives for your videos. But before jumping into the alternatives first let’s discuss a little bit of doodly software.

doodly free alternatives

So, what is Doodly? 

Doodly is a whiteboard animation software. Apart from the whiteboard, you’ll also be able to create blackboard, glass board, and even green screen animations. This software is not only for YouTube videos but also can be used for teaching and training, Facebook advertising videos, sales videos, etc. 

Is Doodly Worth It? 

Doodly is one of the best whiteboard animation software available on the internet, there are so many features available in this software such as – it has a huge collection of male and female hand types in various ethnicities with various sizes and colors. Also, 1000s of custom-drawn whiteboard doodle images are available in this software. Royalty-free audio music is also available on doodly or you can use your voiceover directly within doodly.

But for these types of features, you have to purchase a doodly plan. Doodly offered two plans i.e. ‘Standard’ and ‘Enterprise’ plan. In the monthly category, you need to pay $39 per month for the Standard plan and $69 for the Enterprise plan. In the Annual category (Billed Annually) you need to pay $20 per month for the Standard plan and $40 per month for the Enterprise plan.

For a beginner who initially relies on budget-friendly tools, this software may be pricey also Doodly doesn’t have a free trial to try, you need to buy this first to try (although they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee) but still if the vlogger has no money to buy this to try it then what are the alternatives he should look up to? To solve his/her problem let’s discuss the doodly free alternatives –

6 Best doodly free alternatives –

1. VideoScribe –

Created by Sparkol, VideoScribe is one of the best whiteboard animation software. It is an easy-to-use animation software where you don’t need any special animation, design skills to use it. This software is available in both Windows and Mac.

Free Whiteboard Animation Video Maker

VideoScribe has both a free version and paid versions.

In the free version, a user can use this for a 7-day trial. Following are some major features of the VideoScribe free trial –

  • Unlimited number of video exports
  • Only Standard Definition (SD) video Quality is available.
  • VideoScribe has over 8000 free images available in its library.
  • You can use your images and VideoScribe will draw them.
  • Over 190 Royalty-free music is available in this software. You can record or import your music.

VideoScribe’s paid version has three plans – Monthly, Annual, and One-off plan. The monthly plan is $20.65/ month, the Annual plan is $9.44/month (billed Annually) and the One-off plan will cost you $566.40. 

One of the major features i.e. available in the paid version and lacking in the free version is “Watermark Free”. In the free version, a “VideoScribe Watermark” will be there when you export a video, but in the paid version, the video will be clean when you export it.

2. Mango Animate –

Mango Animate is a software company that developed easy-to-use animation software like whiteboard animation maker, animation maker, character maker, and text video maker and they are currently developing business video maker software.

mango animate whiteboard animation software

Mango animate whiteboard animation software features –

  • Mango animator has hundreds of beautiful transition effects, enter effects, and exit effects available to choose from.
  • You can access thousands of premade characters, SVG images, icons, and shapes.
  • You can record your voice directly with Mango WM.
  • A large collection of males and females with various sizes and gestures is available in this software.

Including the mango animate whiteboard animation software, all mango animate animation makers come with free lifetime versions. But in their paid version you can unlock more features. Mango animate whiteboard animation maker pro will cost you $39 which is a one-time payment. In the free version, the video you export will be watermarked and have low resolution but still, this is one of the best doodly free alternatives you can use.

3. Powtoon –

Powtoon is one of the best visual communication platforms that produce professional-quality whiteboard animation videos. With a large number of templates, animated characters, and royalty-free music you can create high-quality videos.

Is doodly worth it

Powtoon whiteboard animation features –

Powtoon offers users both free and paid versions of their software. The features are different in each version. Below I have mentioned Pro+ version features that are best for professionals & Entrepreneurs.

  • You can export unlimited videos after creation.
  • 10 GB storage is available for this version
  • You can create videos for up to 20 min which is FHD.
  • In this version users will have commercial use rights.
  • In the Pro plus version you can access unlimited assets such as Royalty-free music or objects.

In Powtoon’s free version some features will be limited to use such as only 100MB storage will be available for users to store their data. Only free royalty-free soundtracks and objects are available to use. You can create a video of up to 2 mins which will be HD quality. All exports will have Powtoon branding (intro and outro). There will be no commercial use rights in their free version.

4. Animaker whiteboard 2.0 –

One of the best products of Animaker is whiteboard animation software which is completely free. Apart from the whiteboard video maker Animaker has other awesome products such as 2D animation software, infographic video maker, vertical video maker, YouTube thumbnail maker, etc.

free whiteboard animation software

Animaker Whiteboard features –

In this software apart from the whiteboard style, 4 new styles are available for users, i.e. glass board, stitch board, notepad, and blackboard.

  • Multiple stroke styles and colors are available inside the Animaker whiteboard tool. Stroke styles such as pencil strokes, chalk strokes, stitch strokes available to use.
  • There are 1000 plus diverse properties available in Animaker’s library. You can upload your props to the library.
  • 40 plus transition effects are available in this tool.
  • You can add background music and other sound effects from the library or you can also upload music files if you have any.

In their free version, you can download only five whiteboard videos in a month and it only supports 2 minutes for exporting and will have their watermark.

5. Renderforest

This is a web-based whiteboard animation software i.e. a product of Renderforest. After logging in to the Renderforest you will be able to see various pre-made video templates for creating a video. Simply go to the whiteboard animation toolkit or whiteboard animation pack template and start creating your video.

Renderforest whiteboard animation features

Both free and paid versions are available for users to create videos. Below I have mentioned some features of the ‘Agency’ which is a high-cost plan of Renderforest whiteboard animation.

Renderforest whiteboard animation features –

  • This tool offers you three ways to create a video i.e. -‘ add scene’ which you go by scene by scene, ‘load a preset’ where you’ll get already made templates and the last one is ‘add my script’ where you can paste your script and then this tool will convert your sentences into scenes. 
  • You can export unlimited HD1080 videos per month. 
  • You can access 500k plus stock videos in this tool.
  • 200 plus commercial music tracks are available in this tool.
  • You can make up to 60 minutes of videos.

In their free version, it is free forever to create a video. You can make up to a 3-minute video and export in unlimited 360p video, but there will be a watermark.

6. Animatron

This is a web-based free whiteboard animation software for creating a stunning video. They have both free versions and paid versions. For personal preference, they have a Pro plan which will cost you $30 per month (monthly plan) or for an annual plan, it will cost you $15.

best doodly alternatives

Animatron whiteboard animation pro plan features-

  • You can create unlimited projects.
  • You can remove the watermark.
  • 10 GB storage you’ll have.
  • 100,000 royalty-free pro video clips, 250,000 royalty-free photos, 2,200 royalty-free pre-animated objects are available in this plan.
  • Up to 10 min with HD 720p video can be created with this plan.

In their free versions, there are some limitations such as only 5 projects you can create, you can’t remove the watermark, 2GB storage will be available, 2,200 royalty-free pre-animated objects to try, and only up to 10 seconds of video you can create which will be in SD format.

Conclusion – 

Above mentioned free alternatives to doodly are the best whiteboard animation software. From these free whiteboard animation video makers, vloggers will be able to make a high-quality video though there will be watermarks. If you have any suggestions for doodly free alternatives please feel free to comment below.

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