7 Best Websites To Promote Your YouTube Channel

At present times it is very difficult to rank a video because of high competition on the YouTube platform. In the early days of YouTube, a video of a particular niche easily got ranked with just simple SEO. But nowadays you need promotion of your YouTube channel as well as the basic SEO. Here in this blog, I have mentioned some best websites to promote your YouTube channel; where you can easily drive traffic to your channel.

Best Websites To Promote Your YouTube Channel

Best websites to promote your youtube channel –

I have mentioned some best websites to promote your YouTube channel, which are genuine sites for promotion and you will get lots of traffic from these sites.

1. Instagram :

With over 7B monthly visitors, Instagram is one of the best platforms for the promotion of your youtube channel. Different types of options are available in Instagram to publish a video for the audience such as Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live videos, Instagram TV, and newly integrated Instagram Reels. You can choose one or go for multiple options for your promotion.


But in this platform time duration of the video is limited for you to post. If you post constantly entertaining, inspiring, knowledgeable videos every time, then eventually your target audience will shift to your channel for watching the full-length video.

2. Facebook :

Though Facebook has 23B monthly visitors and without a doubt one of the best platforms for video promotion, nowadays it is very difficult to reach a large amount of audience without running ads. Still, there are many groups where you can share your post. It is better to share your video in a group which is similar to your niche channel, then you will see an engagement than posting in a multi-niche group.


Apart from sharing in a public group you can also directly upload a video into your timeline, or create stories.

3. Pinterest :

Another social media platform where you will find a massive audience is Pinterest. For bloggers or vloggers, this is the best place for driving traffic to their respective channels. You just need to create a video pin and publish it. For this, you need a Pinterest business account; which is easy to create. I recommend, rather than uploading a new video, you can directly embed a video from your YouTube channel.


4. Reddit :

Nowadays Reddit is one of the major social sites for lots of quality content across the world. There are thousands of subreddit you can join for anything you want to see. But it is not easy for you to directly promote your channel in different subreddits because most of the subreddit moderator doesn’t allow you to spam their subreddit. Also apart from the moderator, the audience will criticize you if you try to promote a site or channel. But there are some subreddits of different niches that still allow you to some extent to promote your site or channel.

Best subreddits to promote youtube videos

I have mentioned here some subreddits for a different niche where you can promote your channel.

Best subreddits to promote youtube videos :

5. Twitter :

Like above mentioned social media, Twitter is also a great platform for sharing your videos. You can share your video on this platform in two ways. one is by straight from the YouTube platform and another by pasting the URL into your tweet. Here trending topics get more engagement than the normal topic and also hashtags (#) before the keyword played a vital role in ranking your video.


6. Linkedin :

Linkedin is a professional social media site. Though this is not an ideal platform for vloggers to share their videos, still you can drive traffic to your channel by sharing videos. There are many ways to share your videos, one is by uploading directly, another one by sharing a link from a video hosting platform like YouTube or embedding a video to your article.

is promoting youtube videos worth it

7. Quora :

Quora is basically a Q&A site where people can ask anything and someone tries to answer that question. Here also you can try to answer the questions by fetching your video in the answer post if your video is related to the question that the other person asked. At present Quora has monthly 560M visitors, so it’s the best platform for promoting your YouTube channel.

Q&A site

Is promoting your YouTube channel worth it ?

The short answer is a big “YES”. Uploading a video on YouTube and sitting back is not enough today. You have to optimize the video by both SEO and promoting it on platforms like social platforms, forums, Q&A websites, etc. This will help to rank your videos and attract lots of viewers. But this is not an easy task. It needs extensive research work to do because there are many spammy websites available on the internet. You need to avoid those websites.

Promoting or advertising your channel on different platforms not only gives you traffic but also you will get genuine subscribers and of course, vloggers can make money. Which is very much essential for your YouTube channel .

Conclusion :

Apart from these best websites to promote your YouTube channel you can try Sprizzy, Mix, Video Booster Club . Also, another great place to promote your YouTube channel is your own website. Try to make blog posts related to your video and embed the video into your article. This practice not only helps you in getting views but also helps you in website SEO.

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