Artlist vs Musicbed: Which One Is Better?

Artlist vs musicbed, which music licensing site is the better option for your video? Well, you need a music site that provides you copyright-right-free music for your video, and also the price of their songs to use should be under your budget. There are many music licensing sites available on the internet, artist or musicbed are such types of sites that can fulfill your wish.

artlist vs musicbed

Both artlist and musicbed are very popular among YouTubers as they provide high-quality music. To compare musicbed vs artlist, I’m going to compare some important features of them; then you can make your own choice which one is suitable for you. In this blog, I’ll focus on the following areas:

  • Music pricing
  • Music Licensing
  • Audio Library
  • Music Search
  • Miscellaneous

Artlist vs Musicbed Price :

Both artlist & musicbed offer subscription-based models. Apart from the subscription-based model, musicbed also offers the ‘Pay Per Song’ model but artlist doesn’t have this feature to offer for their users. Let’s discuss their price distribution.

Artlist Price :

Artlist royalty-free music offers two subscription plans i.e. the ‘Personal’ and ‘Unlimited’ plans. In a personal plan, a user needs to pay  $119.88 for a year at the time of purchase; which will cost him $9.99/m or he can pay $14.99/m which will cost him 179.88 $ for a year. In the ‘Unlimited’ plan a user has to pay $199.2 at the time of purchase which will cost $16.60/m.

artlist pricing

Musicbed Price : 

Musicbed divided its pricing system into multi categories. Musicbed subscription is divided into two models i.e. the ‘Individual’ and ‘Business’ models. The ‘Individual model’ is divided into four categories i.e. – Youtube Creator, Freelance Filmmaker, Wedding Filmmaker, Podcaster. And also the ‘Business model’ is divided into four categories i.e. Agency, Production Company, Brand ad Non-Profit. 

In this post, I have mentioned only the price details for the ‘YouTube creator” for the ‘Individual’ model. For further details of their price distribution for the other categories I have made a file in detail, you can download the file from this link.

musicbed pricing

‘Youtube Creator’ plan is divided into different categories. Like if you work as an individual or work for a client then the price will be different for that. I will mention only the price for YouTubers who need music for their own videos.

The price distribution for YouTube creators is divided into the basic how many subscribers a Youtuber has. i.e. small, medium, and large. 

If you have up to 250K subscribers it will fall under the small category, for this plan you have to pay $249.99/year for an annual subscription or need to pay $59.00 for a single song (one-time use).

When your channel reaches up to 1M subscribers it will fall under the medium category, for this plan you have to pay $99.99 per month or pay in full $1079.88 for an annual subscription, and for the single song, it is $99.00 (one time use). 

On the other hand, if your channel has over 1M subscribers then it will fall under the large category, for their price details you need to call musicbed customer care.

From their price, it is clear that musicbed is way more pricey than the artist.

Music License :

Music licensing is a much-needed topic to discuss, as a proper license protects your video from rights infringement. Sometimes, understanding the usage of their license may be complicated for a user of both artlist & musicbed as they have different terms of the license.

Artlist licensing :

In artlist you can cut and edit the music way you want to suit your video. Artlist has two types of license i.e. ‘Personal’ and ‘Unlimited’ plans.

The personal plan has some limitations. This plan only covers some selected platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Podcast, and Tiktok and you can only use music for only one channel per platform. Under this plan when you download a song and use it in a project during subscription, it will be covered forever but if your subscription ends then you can’t use your downloaded song in your new projects.

The unlimited plan license provides unlimited songs to download for the users. When you download a song within the subscription period, you can use this song forever to put it on any new project you like even after you decide not to use their subscription plan anymore but with respect to their terms and conditions. In the Unlimited plan, there is no limit for social platforms to use it, and also you can use Artlist music on other platforms like Tv, Websites, Paid ads, commercial work, etc.

Musicbed licensing :

Musicbed offers two plans i.e. ‘subscription plan’ where you will get to download unlimited songs and the other one a ‘single song plan’ which falls under the per-project license.

License cover under a subscription plan is perpetual, which means they will never expire if you decided to end your subscription. But you can’t use a song for a new video project after the subscription ends. Also, you need to ask permission from Musicbed for adding or remixing additional music elements to a track for sync use.

Audio Library :

Let’s discuss the audio library of artlist vs musicbed, how much music is in artlist or musicbed audio library has on their platform? 

Artlist audio library :

Currently, the artlist music library has over 18000 songs and their music quantity grows day by day with 100 plus songs per month. Also additionally a user can access artlist sound effects library for use in their videos which has 25 different categories. Though you can download unlimited songs there is a limitation i.e. a user can download 40 songs and 100 SFX daily.

Musicbed audio library :

In musicbed platform, it is not clear how many tracks have in their library, but by looking at their founding year which is 2011, I have estimated that they have probably 20000 plus music in their platform as they said that they continuously update their music weekly.

Music Search :

If the quantity of songs is high then it is difficult to choose a perfect song to match your video by browsing the entire library. To tackle this problem, you need some sort of filter for a suggestion of the right track. Both artlist and musicbed have allowed the user to filter their songs. Following are the filters they have on their platform –

Artlist :

  • Mood
  • Video Theme
  • Genre
  • Instrument

Musicbed :

  • Genre
  • Mood
  • Artists
  • Attributes
  • Instrument
  • Advanced

Miscellaneous : 

In the miscellaneous section, I have included some small features of artlist and musicbed, which make them differ from each other. 

Integration: Artlist offers integration with On the other hand, musicbed offers integration with Spotify.

SFX: Artlist offers a dedicated SFX music library whereas Musicbed doesn’t have a dedicated SFX library on its platform.

Genre: Currently Artlist has 25 different genres on its platfrom whereas Musicbed has 28 different genres on its platfrom.

Conclusion :

From the above discussion of artlist vs musicbed it is safe to say that they are both the best music licensing sites. Both of them have a high volume of music libraries that are of top-notch quality as well their music search system is easy to browse. Almost they have very common in their features, just their pricing is different from each other as musicbed price is slightly higher than the artlist price system, but overall you can use any one of them without any hesitation.

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