45 Best Subreddits To Promote YouTube Videos

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, you can’t just post a link on Reddit and expects heavy views? No, you will get banned. There are some appropriate measures to take before posting on subreddits to promote YouTube videos.

It is not easy to go to Reddit and post a video on the subreddit because most of the subreddit doesn’t permit you to spam their community. Your video will get removed from the post thread and if you do it again and again the moderator may ban you from the subreddit. Still, there are some subreddits that allow you to post youtube videos but under some rules and regulations.

subreddits to promote youtube videos

Subreddits to promote YouTube videos

Before driving on the list of subreddit to promote YouTube channel, you need to understand how Reddit works, which subreddit is best for you, and how to avoid getting banned from the subreddit. These are some topics you should know before joining a subreddit and promoting your channel. In this blog, I have covered these types of topics apart from the lists of the subreddit.


What is Reddit used for ?

Around 2B people monthly visit the Reddit website. Reddit is a social website and forum, where numerous topics are posted, people make comments on those topics and also share their experiences. A user of Reddit is called Redditors. A Redditor can share pics, videos, news on Reddit. One of the interesting features of Reddit is the Upvoting and Downvoting system. If a Redditor likes your topic you have posted he can upvote it and if he doesn’t like it then he may downvote it.

What is subreddit ?

The main feature of Reddit is the tons of subreddits. A subreddit is a specific online community dedicated to a particular niche such as cooking, technology, memes, health, etc. In a subreddit users post content, share information, comment on another post within the particular topic. Within the subreddit, a user can upvote and downvote a post shared by the other user.

How to use Reddit effectively ?

To use Reddit effectively you need to focus on multiple things. Such as, post something that is related to the subreddit’s main theme, don’t post any hate content, don’t ask for upvotes, don’t spam the subreddit, etc. A Redditor receives ‘karma’ which means Reddit scores every time he posts something or comments on something, and also he gets karma from the upvotes he receives from his post.

To promote YouTube videos on subreddits first you need to find the best subreddits for your video. For example, if you have a video titled “Bamboo Chicken” you can cover and search multiple topics on Reddit related to your video like the main topic of this video is comes under food or cooking niche; so you can search for food-related subreddits for this, like that you can search for different subreddits for the categories like chicken and bamboo also.

subreddit to promote youtube channel

On searching for subreddits you need to see the activeness of the community, the number of subscribers that have the subreddit, and the number of posts shared in a day. If you feel that this subreddit is best for you then you can join. Also, you need to read the rules and regulations of the particular subreddit. Different subreddits have different rules and regulations for promoting a video.

After joining a subreddit don’t try to promote your video immediately. The member of the community will think that you are a spammer and they will ban you from the subreddit. The best practice is that spend some time researching the community and what type of content loves this community or help other Redditors to solve their problem. By doing these types of things your karma will grow and eventually after seeing your profile other members will think that you are a genuine member.

Lists of subreddits to promote YouTube videos –

Here are some subreddits that I use for promoting my YouTube videos. Just don’t forget to read the rules and regulations of the particular subreddit before posting any video. Apart from that, you need to work on ‘Karma’. Some subreddits won’t let post videos if you have low karma.

  1. reddit.com/r/Cooking/
  2. reddit.com/r/cookingforbeginners/
  3. reddit.com/r/NewTubers/
  4. reddit.com/r/YTPromo
  5. reddit.com/r/GetMoreViewsYT/
  6. reddit.com/r/SmallYTChannel/
  7. reddit.com/r/videos/
  8. reddit.com/r/veganfitness/
  9. reddit.com/r/shamelessplug/
  10. reddit.com/r/FoodVideos
  11. reddit.com/r/FoodBlog
  12. reddit.com/r/ipadmusic/
  13. reddit.com/r/funnyvideos/
  14. reddit.com/r/cookingvideos
  15. reddit.com/r/youtube/
  16. reddit.com/r/YouTube_startups/
  17. reddit.com/r/advertiseyoutube/
  18. reddit.com/r/YoutubeSelfPromotions
  19. reddit.com/r/mealtimevideos
  20. reddit.com/r/AdvertiseYourVideos
  21. reddit.com/r/DIY
  22. reddit.com/r/youtubehaiku
  23. reddit.com/r/catvideos
  24. reddit.com/r/NewTubers
  25. reddit.com/r/PromoteGamingVideos
  26. reddit.com/r/vlog/
  27. reddit.com/r/Vlogs/
  28. reddit.com/r/beach/
  29. reddit.com/r/TravelVlog/
  30. reddit.com/r/RVLiving/
  31. reddit.com/r/DOG/
  32. reddit.com/r/InteriorDesign/
  33. reddit.com/r/Luxury/
  34. reddit.com/r/RiceCookerRecipes/
  35. reddit.com/r/dessert/
  36. reddit.com/r/Breakfast/
  37. reddit.com/r/asianeats/
  38. reddit.com/r/GetStudying/
  39. reddit.com/r/YouTubeSubscribeBoost/
  40. reddit.com/r/promote/
  41. reddit.com/r/Youtubeviews/
  42. reddit.com/r/YouTubePromoter/
  43. reddit.com/r/youtubepromotion/
  44. reddit.com/r/YoutubeSelfPromotion/
  45. reddit.com/r/Sub4Sub/


No doubt Reddit is one of the best websites to promote your youtube channel. If you promote your videos correctly on the subreddit you will see success. Lastly, if you have any other recommendations for subreddits to promote YouTube videos please feel free to mention them in the comment section.

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