6 Best Text To Speech That YouTubers Use For videos

Many YouTube content creators don’t want to or are unable to use their own voice for voiceover. Because of many reasons such as the language barrier, shyness, or for someone who can not speak at all but want to convey their information in their videos through a medium. For these people I have assembles some best text to speech that YouTubers use for videos.

Though from these types of software or service, outcome speech will not sound 100% natural voice still it will work for you. I mean many YouTubers used this software and saw success.

text to speech that youtubers use

Here are the 6 best text to speech that YouTubers use for videos –

1. Amazon Polly :

Amazon Polly is a service that can turn your text into lifelike speech. Amazon Polly supports a variety of 31 languages across the world which includes numerous lifelike voices. In addition to standard text to speech service, this service also offers neural TTS voices for more natural voices. Amazon Polly service also supports all the programming languages included in the AWS SDK such as Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET, etc. Amazon Polly can create speech files in formate like Mp3 and OGG.

This TTS service has come at an affordable cost, including you only paying for what you use. You will be charged based on the number of characters of text you convert to speech. But the cost of Standard TTS and Neural TTS is different from each other. This service has also a free tier, it includes 5 million characters (for the standard voice) and 1 million (neural voice) per month for speech for the first 12 months.


FREETTS is a free online text to speech converter. It is easy to use online tool which supports 30 different languages which include natural human-like voices for both female and male voices. After writing content in the text area you can convert the text to MP3 and later download it. Using Speech Synthesis Markup Language aka SSML codes, users can customize their audio according to their needs. You can find the SSML codes here. For a free plan, this service allows users to use 5000 characters at one time and has a limit of 6000 characters per week. If you want more characters then you can buy from their plans.

best text to speech website

3. Natural Reader :

This is also one of the best text to speech website YouTubers use for videos available both online and offline version. In online mode, you can directly log in and use it at any time. On the other hand in the software version you have to download it first, then install it and you can use it. The advantage of the software version is that you don’t need to have an internet connection to use and can access all features except the OCR feature.

online text to speech converter

Users can access 57 online voices in NaturalReader online mode and the NaturalReader software comes with HD voices depending upon the version, in personal – 2 voices, in professional – 4 voices, and Ultimate – 6 voices available. Chrome extension version of NaturalReaders is also available for users. The pricing of NaturalrReaders online and NaturalReaders software is also different from each other.

4. Notevibes :

Notevibes is another online text to speech converter. This service allows users to convert their text to human-like speech and later download it in MP3 or WAV format. Notvibes TTS users can access 22 different languages and 201 natural high-quality voices. In Notevibes free version you can use 5000 characters. Apart from the free version, the notevibes TTS included two paid packs – personal pack and commercial pack which you can buy by two billing systems, one is yearly and the other one is monthly.


In yearly billing, the personal pack has a limit of 1,200,000 characters/year and in the commercial pack, the limitation is 12,000,000 characters per/year. On the other hand in the monthly billing system, the personal pack has a limit of 100,000 characters/month and in the commercial pack, the limitation is 1,000,000 per/month.

5. Speechelo :

Speechelo is a cloud-based TTS software that enables users to convert their text to a human-like voice. Users don’t need to install this software on computers, can access it from their official websites. You can access 23 languages and 30 human-sounding voices (male and female voices included). This software read the text in 3 different ways such as normal tone, joyful tone, serious tone.


This software works with any video editor software like Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, Camtasia, etc., just download the MP3 and import it to your video editor. Another feature of this software is that you can add breathing sounds, longer pauses after each phase or you can leave it to the A.I. engine to decide when to add breathing sounds and pauses.

6. Voicemaker :

Voicemaker is another A.I.-based TTS online converter. This service offers 600 plus standard and natural-sounding A.I. voices in 70 languages. Also, this service has free and paid versions. In the free version, there are limitations such as you can only use 250 characters per convert and you can access 70 plus voices and languages which is higher in the paid version.


The paid version has two subversions, one is Basic and another one is Premium. In the Basic version, this TTS service offers 3000 characters per convert and 70 plus A.I. voice,s and 30 plus languages. On the other hand, the Premium version offers 3000 characters per convert and 600 plus A.I. voices, and  70 plus languages.

Conclusion :

Apart from the above-mentioned best text to speech that YouTubers use for videos, there are also some alternatives for these such as Ultra Hal, WellSaid Studio, Fromtexttospeech, iSpeech. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to mention them in the comment section.

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