11 Best BFF Video Ideas To Make YouTube Videos

Are you planning to create a YouTube channel with your BFF (Best Friend Forever) or planning to make a video with your BFF? Making videos with your best friend is always the best choice because you both understand each other and can help each other in making a splendid video. But before that you need video ideas, you need to research a topic and pick up a niche. To make it easy for you, I have written some BFF video ideas in this post.

bff video ideas

11 Best BFF Video Ideas To Make YouTube Videos –

1. Challenges –

Challenging videos are always a joy to watch. You can do many challenging youtube videos with your best friends because it will be more fun to do with them. Some such challenging youtube video ideas with my best friend are as follows –

challenging youtube videos with your best friends

Draw on my back challenge – The main purpose of this challenge is to draw the same thing that is drawn on your back. For this, you need white paper and a pencil to draw and your best friend will attach the paper to your back with the help of tape. Then your friend will draw something on your back, you have to feel it and see if you can draw the same thing or not. After that, do this same task with your best friend. lastly compare their both drawing and see who successfully draw the same thing.

Try not to laugh challenge – Alone someone can do this challenge but it will be more fun to do when you do with your BFF. The main goal of this challenge is, you need to remain serious when your best friend will tell you jokes or vice versa.

Ghost pepper challenge – It is an old challenge idea but still, viewers will love both of your reactions, but I suggest you not try this because in this challenge you need to eat ghost pepper which is very hot and can affect health. But if you and your best friend want to try this challenge, make sure you have enough milk ready.

Blindfolded makeup challenge – This is a unique and fun challenge to do for YouTube videos, especially for the lady YouTubers. The main aim of this video idea that who will do better makeup on each face without seeing, you or your best friend.

2. Comedy Series –

After a hectic day, people need some sort of entertainment to boost their morale. The source of entertainment can be anything, one such source is by watching comedy videos. People love to watch comedy videos. You and your friend should do comedy series if both of you have the talent to make people laugh.

bff youtube video ideas

3. Cooking –

Cooking is another niche where you can collaborate with your best friend. This video idea will be perfect if one of you knows how to cook. Making a dish and later uploading it is not an easy task. You can divide your tasks between you and your best friend, say let’s example if you are going to cook then your friend will shoot with a camera. Later both of you help each other in the video editing process.

best friend youtube video ideas

People all over the world love to watch cooking videos for entertainment as well as for cooking tutorials. But this is a competitive niche, you’ll find thousands of cooking videos under a special dish. Before selecting a dish you should research well for ranking purposes.

4. Experiment Videos-

One of the trending youtube video ideas to do with your best friend is experimenting with various things mostly related to science. If both of you have a science background. Baking soda volcano experiment, air pressure experiment, foam eruption from the big underground swimming pool, Сoca-Cola & mentos on the sled are some of the ideas for experiment videos. But before doing these types of experiments videos both of you should take safeguards in advance.

youtube video ideas with best friend

5. Funny Games –

The idea of playing funny games is one of the best BFF video ideas for a YouTube channel. You can challenge your friend to play funny games. There are lots of funny games played all over the world, you can choose any funny game to play with your friend. You will never be out of ideas in this niche. Some of the funny games are Pyramid of party cups, DIY mini basketball, coin in fork game, movin’ on up, truth or dare, Lemon on a spoon, never have I ever, etc.

youtube video ideas to do with your best friend

6. How-To –

Nowadays when we face some kind of problems like technical problems regarding laptops or mobile phones, we immediately search on YouTube with starting line ‘How to fix…’ like that, and by looking at some videos we try to solve the problem. If you and your master in solving these types of problems then this is one of the best BFF youtube video ideas. You can make ‘ how to ..’ videos on various subjects like – How to survive, How to design your life, How to make money, How to stay motivated etc.

how to video ideas

7. Movie Scenes –

Movie scenes recreated is one of the interesting best friend youtube video ideas. Here good acting skill is necessary, also cinematography and editing screens should be good then it will attract viewers. You can do this by recreating scenes with a small budget, but if you have a big budget, you should buy some equipment such as a good camera and lens, Steadicam or gimbal, lighting equipment, etc., to film it like a pro.

Credit – ALBUM CREATIONS (YouTube Channel)

8. Pranks –

Over the past few years pranking videos has a special place on the Youtube timeline. This niche has all types of viewers as people love to watch these types of videos for entertainment. There are various types of fun pranks to do with friends that you can use for making videos, some can be done in-home and some are meant for outdoor. For example, you and your friend can prank family members or any strangers and film their reaction, but avoid doing any harm to them and avoid extreme pranks ideas.

fun pranks to do with friends

9. Reaction videos –

A person or group of people recording their own reaction to a video and later uploading it on a video hosting platform is called a reaction video. Here you and your best friend don’t need to work hard for making this type of video, here you need to just sit down and record your reaction to other videos, it may be content from an original video or someone’s channel’s video. Usually, people react to popular videos which are trending at the moment of recording, such as movie trailers, songs, movie scenes, etc.

Reaction video ideas

But there are some cons in doing reaction videos such as copyright strikes or monetization problems. But still, there are plenty of YouTubers who make money from these reaction videos.

10. Tech Reviews –

You and your best friend can review gadgets or products such as mobiles, laptops or review vlogging kits for beginners like cameras, lenses, stabilizers, battery. I believe this is one of the best BFF video ideas in terms of both views and economics. This is one of the most competitive vlog niches and yet there are so many ways you and your friend can get views or make money. Apart from the traditional ads money, you can go for other options also such as affiliate marketing, sponsoring, etc.

tech review video ideas

11. Travel videos

People love to watch new places around the world for various reasons like for knowledge, for entertainment, etc. This video idea will also be perfect for starting a channel with BFF because before making any video you need to buy some equipment which is essential for a travel video channel. Traveling to new places may cost you some money if you collaborate with your best friend then both of you can share the expenses.

travel video ideas

Also, like tech reviews, this is also one of the most profitable YouTube niches. There are various types of travel videos you and your friend can make like cinematic videos of places, you can moto vlogging, travel guide videos, etc.

Conclusion –

Above mentioned BFF video ideas has a tremendous chance for you to attract the audience to your YouTube channel. If you have any suggestions for YouTube video ideas for best friends please feel free to comment below.

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