Blogger Or Vlogger: Which Profession You Is The Best?

Blogger or Vlogger, are common terms nowadays. Presently, another way to make online money or to influence people is by blogging and vlogging. These platforms are a great opportunity to open up your hidden talent. Though bloggers and vloggers are different from each other but motives of these two people are quite the same ie. to help the audience and provide entertainment.

Blogger or vlogger

Blogger or vlogger –

One can get into a dilemma which profession should I choose ie. should I become a  blogger or a vlogger. So to clear your picture, I have discussed some topics about these core platforms such as – blogging and vlogging difference, how do bloggers and vloggers make money? similarities between them, etc. Which I think will clear your mind.

Before starting on this topic if you want to have a clear view of Vlogging then please read this post.

So, let’s start with –

What are blogs and vlogs?

A blog is an informational website where an individual or a small group of people posted online on multiple topics through posts (text-based content) is called a “Blog”. In a blog, a blogger discusses a single topic or multiple topics on a single website. 

The topic can be anything; like his/her daily lifestyle, science-related topics, entertainment topics, educational topics, tech topics, etc.

A vlog is nothing but a ‘video blog’. Unlike blogs where an individual or a small group of people published a certain topic online in a written or text-based form, here in a vlog an individual or a small group of people published a topic in a video-based form. The topics of vlogs can be like blogs.

So, documentation of anything in a written form is called a blog, whereas documentation of anything in a video form is called a vlog. 

What is a blogger or vlogger?

The person who posted a blog post on a website and updated the site with a new article often is called a “Blogger”. By doing this he or she can give valuable information about certain topics that the general people are looking for on the internet. By doing this he/she can help the audience to solve their queries. Also by blogging, a blogger can earn money by putting advertisements on his/her website or blog.

On the other hand, a person who posted a video on video hosting platforms like YouTube, Tiktok, and Vimeo is called a “Vlogger”. Like bloggers here also a vlogger can upload valuable information and provide entertainment about certain topics that viewers are looking for. Also by vlogging, a vlogger can earn money by putting advertisements.

What’s the difference between blog and vlog?

I have mentioned below some key differences between blog and vlog –

  • In terms of age, the concept of a blog is older than the vlog. Blog concept first came around 1990-91 but the vlog concept started in 2000.
  • A blog mainly consists of text, images, GIFs, and sometimes a video within a post. But Vlog is known for Videos.
  • Compared to vlog, the blog maintenance expenditure is very cheap. Although both can be uploaded to free hosting platforms. If you want a high-quality video, the amount of expenses in purchasing equipment or kit is very expensive in the vlog.
  • In order to rank a blog post, it is difficult; in comparison to ranking a vlog. You need to have basic SEO skills to rank a blog post.
  • The interaction between the creator and the audience in a vlog is more precise than in the blog. Here visual interaction plays a vital role. As you can ask the vlogger your queries directly and the exact moment itself, if he is streaming live video.
  • You can stream live video or games online in the vlog but you can’t stream online on a blog.
  • In terms of popularity, a vlog is more popular than a blog and also compared to a blog, the number of visitors is comparatively high in the vlog.

Blog and Vlog similarities

Although there are differences between a blog and a vlog, there are some similarities between both platforms as well.

The main principle of both blogger or vlogger is to provide quality content. The goal of both platforms is to publish high-value, informational posts. Remember content is the king.

When it comes to traffic volume, both blogs and vlogs need traffic. Without traffic, the value of your blog and vlog is almost none. The more you have traffic, the more you are getting recognition and ultimately it drives money (If you wish to income). 

Though in the initial stage you will get less traffic, it will grow subsequently through time, if you continue to publish high-quality posts.

Both blogs and vlogs have the same opportunity to earn money. Below I have mentioned some ways how to earn money from both blogs and vlogs.

Blog vs Vlog income

In terms of income, one can earn money both from blogs and vlogs. There are numerous ways to earn money from blogs and vlogs. However, it mainly depends upon certain factors like your niche, popularity, etc.

Blog vs vlog income

From Advertisement: One can earn from an advertisement by putting ads. Monetizing your post and video is the easiest way to earn money.

From Affiliate marketing: Another one is by putting affiliate links on blogs and vlogs. Affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, and Clickbank are the best option for affiliate marketing. However, it depends upon how much your blog or vlog gets traffic and also your trust among your audience.

From sponsorship: If a brand wants to advertise their product through your vlog or blog, they may contact you. By publishing their content you can earn money. 

From product: Both blog and vlog are great platforms for selling your products. It can be anything such as T-shirts, Homemade crafts, etc.


Now you are probably thinking that is which way I should go or which one is better; ie. blogging or vlogging. Well, it’s totally up to you. Both blogging and vlogging have the same amount of opportunity and success stories. The interesting thing is that you can be both blogger or vlogger together at the same time or in the same niche. You can move from blog to vlog or vlog to blog as well. By doing this, your traffic will be extra higher as you will get some portion of the audience from both blog and vlog.

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