Best Challenges To Do For YouTube Videos In 2023

What are some YouTube challenges? This question will arise in your mind If your YouTube channel’s niche is about challenging various things or you are new to this niche and searching for new challenging ideas to make videos, then you are in the right place. In this blog, I have come out with a list of challenges to do for YouTube.

challenges to do for youtube

Challenges to do for YouTube

I have categorized these challenges to do for youtube into 5 categories and further divided them into sub-categories.

Food challenges to do at home –

Food-related challenges are amusing to do especially for food lovers like me. You don’t need to go outside to make these types of videos, and apart from that, you are going to eat lots of food for making these types of videos. Compared to the other challenges, food challenges are easy challenges to do for YouTube.

1. Spicy food challenges at home –

Eating varieties of spicy food in a day is one of the best food challenge ideas for YouTube because most people don’t eat spicy foods all day. Eating spicy food with showing no reaction is one of the ideas for the food challenge. But be careful eating lots of spicy foods will harm your health. This challenge aims to record your reaction while eating food.

food challenges to do at home

2. Baby food challenge –

Another challenge you can try is to eat baby food and record your reaction. For someone, it may be delicious and for some, it may be unpleasant. Also, you may challenge your partner on how much you and your partner can guess the names of ingredients that baby food is made of.

food challenges to do at home

3. Big meal challenge –

If you are a foodie and can consume a large amount of food then this idea is for you. This challenge may cost you some money because you need to buy lots of ingredients to make a large amount of food or if you don’t know how to cook, you need to buy food from your nearest restaurant. You need to finish a large amount of meal at a time, let’s say you need to finish a 4 KG weight burger in just 30 minutes. Here you need to choose a bigger meal to attract a large audience. But be careful about your health.

Big meal challenge techwh

4. Speed eating challenge –

Speed eating is another food challenge idea for YouTube. Here you may challenge your partner or a group of people who will eat fast and win the same food.

speed eating challenge techwh

5. Cereals challenge –

Eating lots of cereals at a one-time sitting is another food challenge idea you may try.  Viewers will love to see you eating a big bowl of cereals in one sitting. For this, you need to buy lots of cereals and milk if you wish to eat the cereals with it.

cereal challenge techwh

6. Don’t Wipe your Mouth Challenge –

This is will be a fun challenge to do. Lots of ASMR and Mukbang channels do this challenge. Here this challenge aims to eat lots of food without wiping your mouth. For better results, you should choose food that has lots of mayonnaise or sauce. You don’t need to involve another person to do this challenge, but if you may involve another person it will be more fun.

Don’t Wipe your Mouth Challenge techwh

7. Cinnamon Challenge –

This is one of the toughest and yet most hilarious challenges to do for youtube. The main goal of this challenge is to eat a full spoon of cinnamon and record your reaction. The viewers will love your reaction but I don’t recommend you to try this because it can be dangerous for your health, especially for asthma patients. 

Cinnamon Challenge techwh

YouTube challenges to do by yourself –

There are some challenges that can be done without the help of others. Sometimes it is difficult to find someone to do a challenge, that’s why I have named some challenges that can be done alone.

8. Spend a night in an abandoned house challenge –

Spending a night in an abandoned house may be the ultimate tough challenge to do, but it is not suitable for faint-hearted people. The main aim of the challenge is that you need to spend a whole night alone in a house that was left abandoned for years and continuously record your situation. 

Spend a night in an abandoned house challenge techwh

9. Living in car challenge –

The purpose of this challenge is to show your viewers whether you can live in a car or not. Living in a car for a whole day is not an easy thing because there is not much room inside a car and you have to eat sleep inside for a whole day. 

living in a car techwh

Tip – To not feel bored you can do various activities inside your car such as reading books, decorating your car, playing online games, planning for upcoming videos, etc.

Challenges for YouTube with friends –

Below I have mentioned some YouTube challenges to do with friends because it will be more fun to do with them.

10. Try not to laugh challenge –

Compare to the other challenges, this challenge is much easier to do and there is no risk factor. Alone you can do this challenge but it will be more hilarious if you do it with your friends.  The main task of the video is that you have to remain serious when your friend will tell you jokes.

If the joke makes you smile then you will lose the challenge. You can also do this challenge by watching funny videos if your friend is not available at that moment. This particular challenge is trending right now on YouTube, many YouTubers or vloggers do this challenge by watching compilation meme videos.

easy challenges to do for youtube

11. Ghost Pepper challenge –

Though it is a trending challenge and many vloggers tried it but I would not recommend you to challenge it because I have tried this ghost pepper and believe me it’s so hot. However, it is really funny to see others’ reactions after eating ghost pepper. This challenge will be more fun if you try this with your friends. Be sure you have enough milk ready before trying this ghost pepper challenge.

youtube challenges to do by yourself

12. Draw on my back challenge –

This challenge requires two or more people to participate and also some paper, tape, pen, or pencil to draw. The main goal of this challenge is to draw the exact thing that is drawn on your back. Here you need white paper and a pencil to draw and your friend will attach the white paper to your back with the help of tape. Then the person will draw something on your back, you have to feel it and see if you can draw the exact thing or not.

Draw on my back challenge techwh

13. Coin Flip challenge –

This is a fun challenge to do especially with your friends. The main idea is to choose a dare whoever loses in guessing head or tail in a coin-flipping challenge. If you say ‘head’ and the coin comes out as ‘tail’ after flipping then you must do a dare as your friend says.

Coin Flip challenge techwh

24-hour challenge ideas for YouTube –

If you want to do a challenge that needs 24 hours to complete a task then you should try the below-mentioned challenges.

14. Saying “Yes” or “No” for 24 hrs challenges –

The main challenge of this idea is to say only ‘YES” or “NO” when someone says something to you. You have to choose which word you will say for 24 hrs, either the ‘YES’ word or the ‘NO’ word. You should try this challenge, people will love this challenge.

Saying "Yes" or "No" for 24 hrs challenges techwh

15. 24 hrs in the bathroom challenge –

Living in a bathroom for 24 hrs is a challenging thing to do because you have to spend 86,400 seconds inside a bathroom. You have to do everything such as eat, sleep inside in a bathroom. Many YouTubers did this challenge, out of them there are only a few YouTubers who complete this challenge successfully.

24 hour challenge ideas for youtube

16. Eating only one color food for 24 hrs –

Pick your favorite color and try to eat only the same color food for 24 hours. Well let’s take an example if you choose a red color then you have to eat only red color food for 24 hrs, you can’t eat different color food which is very challenging to do. 

Eating only one color food for 24 hrs techwh

Blindfolded challenges for YouTube –

There are some ideas that you or your partner need to be blindfolded to do this task.

17. Blindfolded Food Tasting Challenge –

Tasting food blindfolded is another idea for challenge videos. For this, your partner or your family member will blindfold you and then gives you some food to taste. You need to taste that food and guess the food and also the ingredients for making this food.

Blindfolded Food Tasting Challenge techwh

18. Blindfolded makeup challenge –

This is a fun challenge to do for YouTube videos, especially for the ladies ‘ YouTubers. This challenge needs a partner to do it. The main goal of this idea is who will do better makeup without seeing. For this, you need to blindfold your partner and let him/her do makeup on your face. After that switch the roles and do the same to your partner. And later see who did a great job.

Blindfolded challenges for youtube

19. Blindfolded drawing challenge –

This is a similar challenge to the blindfold makeup challenge. You need someone with you to do this challenge and apart from that, you will need art paper, a drawing pencil, or paint colors to draw. In this challenge, the person will blindfold you and asked to draw something on the art paper. After you finish the task then you make the person blindfolded and ask them to draw a similar thing. And then compare both the drawing and whoever draws the best will be the winner. This is an interesting challenge to do and the audience for this challenge is huge.

blindfold makeup challenge

Conclusion –

You should try these above-mentioned challenges with keep in mind those challenges that I have already warned you about. If you have any recommendations for challenges to do for YouTube then feel free to comment below.

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