How To Become A Successful Vlogger On YouTube : 7 Best Tips

So, how to become a successful vlogger on YouTube? Every video maker has a dream of becoming a successful vlogger. This is the ultimate goal of every YouTuber before or from the starting of his career. A successful vlogger means a large trusted audience, money, fame, etc. Proper strategy and a little bit of luck may lead to achieving this goal.

how to become a successful vlogger on YouTube

I have pointed out below

How to become a successful vlogger on YouTube – 7 Tips

1. Your love for the niche :

Your channel growth is heavily dependent upon your love or passion for a particular topic. Which topic do you love talking about or make videos about every day? Choose a niche that you never get tired of making content.

Invest your time and effort to make quality content for your audience. Also, choose your audience carefully, are you targeting the old generation or the young generation? 

2. Research the Niche : 

Nich research is the most important factor for vlogging success. Before starting your channel you need to research the niche. After researching your niche you will get to know the different YouTube metrics such as how much traffic it has, the competition or SEO difficulty, suggested bid, etc.

To research the niche you can try these tools for free. Help from these keyword research tools is immense. 

3. Create and Upload the video : 

After extensive research on the niche, it’s time to create a video. Make sure it provides audience information, knowledge, and entertainment. Your audience will grow if you provide quality content every time you posted a video. 

After filming the video it’s time for editing. Edit the video with these video editing softwares for perfect video and later upload it on your YouTube channel.

4. How to Rank Your Video :

Now it’s time to rank the video on YouTube. I mean every time a person searches your topic on YouTube, your video should come first. Then you will get lots of traffic. Video ranking depends on various things such as your video quality, keywords placing, promotion on different platforms, use of good tags, etc.

Keywords placed under the YouTube SEO category play a vital role in ranking a video. Mention main Keywords in titles as well as in the description. Use VidIQ, Tubebuddy, and tools for keywords recommendations, and also use the autosuggest feature in YouTube’s search bar to find out the best keywords.

Pro Tip: To find your competitor’s keywords. You can use this technique to see which keywords are using your niche competitor to rank their videos. Simply go to their video page and follow the below steps.

For instance, you have a cooking video about “Bamboo Chicken”.

Step 1: Search bamboo chicken on the YouTube search bar. 

Step 2: Click a video that has the same title.

Step 3: Right-click and click “video page source

most successful vloggers

Step 4: Ctrl + F and search “keywords”.

find the competitor’s keywords

That’s it. You will find the competitor’s keywords by following the above steps.

5. How to Promote Your Video :

Where and How to promote your videos to get views?

There are many platforms available on the internet to promote your videos, by free of cost or running ads. Out of these platforms, social media platform is the best way to promote your videos. Because it’s free to promote your videos, but also you can run ads. Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit are the best platforms for YouTube video marketing.

Apart from these social platforms, you can promote your videos on your own website, also use email marketing, multiple niche-related forums, Q&A sites, etc to promote your channel.

6. How To Attract Audience :

It is not an easy task to attract an audience to watch your videos or subscribe to your channel. When nobody will watch your videos then how will you be a successful vlogger, right? 

So how will you attract the audience? Well, there are some suggestions for you such as – 

  • Build your videos around a single niche or topic.
  • Maintain your consistency. Upload quality content regularly.
  • Made attractive video titles.
  • Collaborate with other YouTubers
  • Create an eye-catching thumbnail for your video.
  • Go live or held Q&A sessions frequently.
  • Run a contest or giveaway.
  • Interact with the audience in the comment section.
  • Add End Screen to promote other videos.
  • Create playlists to organize your videos.

7. Monetization strategies :

I have mentioned below some ways to monetize your video that most successful vloggers use those ways

Advertising: Showing different ads is one of the major ways to monetize your video. YouTube will pay you by placing ads on your video. But there some conditions such as you must be at least 18 years old or have a legal guardian older than 18 years who can handle your payments and also your YouTube channel needs to reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch (total minutes video played)

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is nothing but a promotion of products from affiliate networks through your YouTube channel. When a viewer buys a product from a link that you have put in your video you will get a commission from the affiliate networks. Amazon Associates, Clickbank, Rakuten are some of the best examples of affiliate networks.

Selling your products: Most of the YouTubers sells their products to become a successful vlogger. YouTube is the best platform for vloggers to grow their brand by selling their products. Digital products, Physical products are some examples. Here you will get 100% profit, unlike affiliate marketing.

Sponsorship: When your channel will have lots of views and subscribers different company wants to advertise their products. They will contact you to promote their products and doing this you will get paid by the company.

Conclusion :

Though it may take some time for you to be this on the level surely you’ll get it. In the vlogging field, your patience plays a vital role. 

I think I have given you some of the best tips for your query that how to become a successful vlogger on YouTube? If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment down below.

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