How To Contact YouTube Channel Owner : 3 Effective Methods

From the very early stage, YouTube added and changed multiple features and tries new experiments on their platform to provide the best user experience for the creators along with the audience. Among the changes, YouTube has changed also in how to contact YouTube channel owner feature. 

how to contact youtube channel owner

The perfect example of such activities is seen in 2019 when YouTube disable the private messaging feature. In earlier days you can directly message the YouTube channel owner privately, but now Youtube has disabled the private message option. Ok, then how can you contact a youtube content creator? For this, you have to search for an alternative way to contact the YouTube channel owner.

So, How to contact YouTube channel owner – 

Well to answer this question I have mentioned different ways in this blog, which are very effective. Many viewers or other YouTubers sometimes wish to message another YouTuber for different reasons such as if a viewer sees some error in a video then immediately wants to notify the creator or also to give their favorite Youtuber different ideas about the next video that there is a chance of going viral. Also, many YouTubers want to collaborate with other YouTubers by making videos. YouTube collab works between two YouTubers helps both of them in gaining a large number of new views, new subscribers, channel brand, etc.

Following are the three different methods to find out the contact details of a YouTuber.

Method 1- YouTube Channel About Page

The easiest way to contact the owner of a Youtube channel is by finding an email address on the “About”  tab of his own Youtube channel page. Every youtube channel has an about page where you can find the YouTube channel owner details. Under the details section, you will see a title as “For business inquiries”. Click the box which is written as “view email address” then a captcha will appear and after passing the captcha puzzle you will be able to see the email address. Now copy that email address and direct mail to him via your email platform like Gmail, yahoo.

Here is an example of a well-known YouTuber –

YouTube channel owner
Credit – Nomadic Indian (YouTube Channel)

Though it is an easy process to contact a YouTuber privately, however many YouTubers don’t provide their email id in the about section because of the spam factor. 

Method 2 –  By Commenting

The second method to message someone on YouTube is by commenting something on their videos. Many YouTubers like to engage with the audience by replying his audience query because they care about the audience, which is a good thing. The YouTube channel owner will likely reply to you back but there is a disadvantage because it is going to be public as other viewers will abe to see your comment. If you have any suggestions about his video or if you want to know any other information about the video, this is the best way to contact the creator.

how to email a youtuber
Credit – MR Vyas (YouTube Channel)

Method 3 – Social Media

Another effective way to contact the owner is by going through on their social media that is provided in their youtube channel. Many YouTubers upload a cover photo on their youtube channel by linking their social media handles like Facebook id, Twitter id, Instagram id, etc. By going through their social media pages you can message them. This is the best way to privately message them. 

Here is an example –

contact a youtuber privately
Credit – Nomadic Indian (YouTube Channel)

Conclusion –

These are the three smart ways to answer your query ie how to contact YouTube channel owner. If you have any suggestions for other effective methods to how to email a YouTuber, please feel to comment below.

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