How To Quote On Reddit : A Guide In 2023

For Redditors, quoting on Reddit can be a useful way to reference a previous comment or post, provide context, or start a conversation on a specific topic. It’s a way to add context and provide feedback on what another user has shared, or to just simply agree with something they’ve said. If you’re here to find out how to quote on Reddit then you’re in the right place.

how to quote on reddit

How to quote on Reddit –

In order to post a quote on Reddit, you will need to first create an account. 

Then go to the specific subreddit where you want to post a quote or go to the specific comment where you want to quote a comment. After typing your text click the ‘Quote Block’ option that I have shown in the below picture. This way you can post a quote on Reddit.

quote on reddit

How to quote on Reddit comment –

In order to quote your comment, go to the comment section of the specific post, then type your text and click the ‘quote block’ option as shown in the below picture.

how to quote on reddit comment

How to quote on Reddit reply –

In order to reply to a comment by quoting you need to go to the specific comment. Then click the reply option and type your text. You’ll see three horizontal dots, click it and as shown below picture click the ‘quote block’ picture and submit. Your comment will be published as a quote.

how to quote on reddit reply

How to quote on Reddit mobile –

Above mentioned steps for the ‘how to quote on Reddit’ for the desktop version, but what are the steps for the mobile version? Following are the steps for the mobile version.

Like the desktop version of Reddit, there is no specific ‘quote block’ option available in the mobile version. But you can do one thing, before adding any text, add the’>’ symbol from your mobile keypad, and after that type your message and submit it. Your text message will be quoted. You can do this trick to quote your comment also.

how to quote on reddit mobile

Different ways to quote on Reddit –

1. Block quotes – The most common method to quote on Reddit is to use a block quote. Block quotes format is often used for longer quotes or when quoting multiple sections. To use a block quote, simply begin the line with the “>” symbol, followed by a space and the text you wish to quote.

2. Link quotes – Link quotes are a way to quote a post or comment from another Redditor on Reddit. To use a link quote, simply copy the link to the post or comment you wish to quote and paste it into your comment or post.

Benefits of posting quotes on Reddit –

One of the great things about Reddit is that it’s a platform for sharing ideas and information. If you’re looking for some interesting quotes to post on Reddit, here are some benefits of doing so –

Quotes can start conversations – If you find a quote that you think is particularly thought-provoking, chances are it will spark a conversation in the comments section. This is a great way to get people talking, and exchanging ideas and information.

Quotes can be entertaining – If you come across a funny or clever quote, it’s sure to put a smile on people’s faces and brighten up their day. Who knows, your quote might even end up getting shared on other social media platforms

Quotes can provide new perspectives – When you post a quote on Reddit, you’re giving others the chance to see things from a different viewpoint. By exposing yourself to new viewpoints, you can learn more about the world and gain a better understanding of different perspectives.

Conclusion –

Quoting on Reddit can be a useful way to engage in conversations and debates or interesting topics with other users. With the right formatting, you can make your quotes stand out from the crowd and make sure that your point is heard. I hope from the above discussion you have found your question’s answer which is how to quote on Reddit. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment down below.

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