How To See Your Drafts On Instagram- A Guide In 2023

One of the essential features of Instagram social media is the ‘Draft’ feature. It helps users to save a post for future publication because as a creator you need to prepare your video or photos with proper captions, tags, filters, or effects before posting it. Doing all these things may take some time; so if you’re unable to prepare this stuff before posting, the drafts on Instagram feature helps you to save your photo or video where you left them so you can edit again and post them. In this post, I have mentioned step-by-step your query i.e. how to see your drafts on Instagram.

Many people think that Instagram drafts disappeared from their platform. But it is not true, this feature is still on the Instagram platform. Just they changed the process to save a post on draft. So don’t worry, here I have mentioned some approaches to drafts on Instagram.

How to save drafts on Instagram –

With the draft feature, you can save Instagram posts, Instagram reels, and Instagram stories without any problem. To save your photos and videos please follow this procedure.

Step 1 – Go to your profile and tap the [+] icon which is available at the top of your mobile screen. Select an option from the given feature i.e. Reel, Post, or Story.

Step 2 – Now click a photo/video or select a photo/video from the gallery. After selecting the photo or video, tap the arrow option at the top of your screen.

Step 3 – Now edit your photo or video with the filters Instagram provides. Then again tap the arrow option. (Note – You must edit the post or tag people if you don’t touch your picture or video your photo or video will save into drafts.)

Step 4 – A new screen will appear, where need to add a location, or write a caption for drafting purposes. Now you have to go to the previous screen with a help of the arrow that is situated on the left side of your screen instead of direct tap the tic icon i.e. top the screen on the right-hand side.

Step 5 – Now again when tap the arrow screen to go to the previous screen from the present screen then a screen will appear with two options, i.e. ‘Save Draft’ and ‘Discard’. Tap the ‘Save Draft’ option and your photo or video will be saved on draft.

How To See Your Drafts On Instagram –

Now a question may arise in your mind, where these drafts are saved or how can you see these drafts? so you can edit it again and post it. Well, finding these drafts are very easy. But there is a catch, you can find only those pictures and video drafts which is made against the opted feature. Difficult to understand? Ok, let me teach you with a detailed explanation.

Suppose you want to make an Instagram reel, so the first thing you need to select the ‘Instagram reel’ category to upload a reel. After doing the basic stuff like editing or giving captions you have decided to post it later on and save it as an Instagram draft. Later on, when you decided to publish the draft video, you’ll only see it on the Instagram reel section. You won’t find reel drafts on Instagram in the other sections of Instagram i.e. Instagram stories or Instagram posts.

The following is the step-by-step procedure for seeing drafts on Instagram –

Step 1 – Go to your profile and select a feature from the given options i.e. Instagram posts, Instagram reel, and Instagram stories. Suppose you have a draft Instagram reel, then select the ‘Instagram reel’.

Step 2 – When you choose the ‘Instagram reels’ option, your camera screen will automatically open. On this screen, you see a gallery option at the bottom of your screen. Tap it.

Step 3 – A new screen will appear where you can see your videos, At the middle of the screen option you’ll see the ‘Drafts’ option. Tap it.

Step 4 – When you tap the draft option your draft section will open. From here you can see drafts on Instagram.

How to delete drafts on Instagram –

Step 1- Go to your Instagram profile and select the feature that your draft video or photo was made for. Suppose your draft video is for the Instagram reel, then choose the Instagram reel.

Step 2 – After tapping the ‘Instagram reel’ feature your mobile camera will be open, and you’ll see a ‘gallery’ option at the bottom of your screen as shown in the below picture. Tap it.

Step 3 – A new screen will open where you’ll see your photos and videos. In the middle of the screen option, you’ll see the ‘Drafts’ option. Tap it.

Step 4 – In the ‘Drafts’ section you’ll see drafts of videos or photos for the Instagram reels. On that screen, you’ll see the ‘double square’ icon as seen in the below picture. Tap it.

Step 5 – Then select the reel draft that you want to delete. When you select the reel, a ‘delete’ option will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap the ‘Delete’ option, your reel will be deleted.

Why did my drafts disappear on Instagram?

Sometimes when you want to edit your photos and videos which are in a draft mood, they disappeared from the draft section. And the reason for disappearing from your Instagram account is that you have uninstalled the Instagram app from your mobile after saving a picture or video to draft. That’s why it is disappeared from your account.

So If you want to uninstall the Instagram app for various reason don’t forget to check the draft section, and check if there is some important premade photos or videos there or not.

Conclusion –

The draft feature of Instagram is one of the best features of Instagram, with this; you can edit your unfinished photos or videos and later publish them. I hope from the above step-by-step discussion you have found the answer to your query. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding drafts on Instagram please feel free to comment down below.

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