25 Best Lifestyle Vlog Ideas To Make YouTube Videos

If you’re thinking about starting a YouTube channel and wondering what to vlog about on YouTube then you are in the right place. Although it is recommended that you should select a niche that you love to do. But apart from your love for the niche, you should also focus on how much it has an audience, or is it profitable or not? Lifestyle vlog is one such type of niche that has a large amount of audience and also it is highly profitable. In this vlog, I have mentioned some lifestyle vlog ideas where you can start making videos for YouTube channels.

lifestyle vlog ideas

25 Lifestyle vlog ideas –

A lifestyle vlog means documenting your style of living such as how do you spend a day, what routine do you follow, your favorite things, etc. Here the subject of your vlog is “You”. People love to watch such types of videos, also you can inspire them by showing your lifestyle. 

Here I have listed 25 lifestyle video ideas for your YouTube channel. I have added them under different categories –

About yourself

This category is related to sharing some information about yourself with your viewers.

About Yourself techwh

1. A Day in a life: The idea is to document your daily life activity, how you spend a day if you are an employee, and the activities you do in the office. Basically here you make daily vlogs about how you spend a day from morning to night and publish it to your YouTube channel.

2. Your summer/winter bucket list: You can share your summer or winter bucket list with your audience. Make a video about the list of goals that you want to be accomplished during this summer season or winter season.

3. Share your favorite things: What is your favorite thing? It can be anything such as your favorite restaurant, movies, artist, dress, mobile apps, etc. You can talk about these types of things and recommend them in a video.

4. Your monthly goals: What do you want to achieve at the end of the month? Based on this idea you can make two separate videos, one is before challenging yourself to achieve those goals and another is how many you actually completed at the end of the month. Viewers will love your videos and may get inspired by you.

5. Get to know me (Q&A): This lifestyle vlog idea can be executed by two different approaches, one is by reading questions and answering, and after editing the video publishing it on your channel; the other one is by coming to live and answering all the real-time questions. Questions about your personal life, your job, YouTube income, etc.

How To –

This category is related to how you face or manage a situation.

How to

6. How to set up your camera: This is a great idea to make a video on, because your audience will love to watch how you set up your camera for filming. You can recommend the audience your cameras or lenses, this way you can earn some affiliate money if they purchase the camera by going through your link.

7. How to edit videos: If you know how to edit a video you can make a tutorial on this. Every video editor has different styles or approaches for editing a video, you can make a video on what’s your style in editing videos.

8. How to get ready for a date, or prom night: The idea is to make a video when you are you are going on date or a prom night. Show your audience how you dress up and apply makeup for a date or prom night.

9. How to cook: There are hardly any viewers who don’t like cooking videos. Sometimes you can cook a special dish and show it to your viewers. Teach them how you cook the dish. Your video comment section will be loaded with appreciation if you provide a great recipe.

Routine –

Make some videos about the routine you follow.

routine techwh

10. Body care routine: Your can share your daily body care tips, and what routine you follow to make your skin glow. If you have oily, dry, or normal skin what best skin routine do you follow?

11. Morning, night, weekend routine: What is your morning, bedtime, or weekend routine? What are the activities you do during those different times? You can make some videos on this idea.

Workout Ideas –

You can share videos related to your workout session.

Workout lifestyle vlog idea

12. Motivational workout: Sometimes workouts need motivation. There are lots of reasons you may not be motivated for workouts because of your busy life, stress, etc. But having a busy schedule, which keeps you motivated for the workout that something you can tell your audience through video.

13. Workout for beginners – You can make workout videos for beginners also who are just starting to do exercise. Which workout he should do first, and which is next, these are the things you should talk about in your videos.

14. Playlist for a workout: Playing a song during a workout really pushes you to do more workouts. You can share your playlist with the audience that you played during the workout session.

15. Diet for the workout: Make some videos about the diet you follow during a workout to maintain your health. Share your pre-workout or post-workout diet with your audience, what are the things you avoid to maintain your fitness, etc.

16. Workout equipment: You can make videos on the types of equipment you use during the workout. The benefit of making such a video on this idea is that apart from having a large audience and earning money through AdSense you can earn through affiliate marketing.

Unboxing & Review –

Unboxing and reviewing, niche can be your best lifestyle vlog ideas for your channel. Remember reviews should be more authentic, unbiased than your viewers believe you.

unboxing & review vlog idea

17. Unboxing your new phone: You can unbox the latest phone you just bought and review it. People love to watch new phone unboxing and reviews.

18. Unboxing your gaming gadgets: If you are a gaming nerd and you buy a new gaming gadget like Xbox, PlayStation, or gaming console then you can make an unboxing video when it arrived.

19. Unboxing your makeup kits: Especially girl vloggers can make videos on this idea. If you buy some makeup kits from the online store make a video on unboxing them or can review the products if it is good or not.

20. Book/Movie review: If you recently finished a book or a movie you can record your review whether you like it or not and post it on your channel, you can also recommend other books and movies to your audience.

Tour –

Here you can show your surrounding places to your audience.

daily vlogs

21. Home Tour: This is one of the best lifestyle vlog ideas, especially for lady YouTubers. You can show your house, how do you decorate your bedroom, kitchen, etc. You may get a large number of visitors to your videos if you do this type of video.

22. Traveling: A travel vlog is one of the most interesting ideas. If you are traveling to new places then you can make videos of such places, and show your audience the places in a very creative way. For this, you need some pieces of equipment to carry such as a camera, bag, gimbal or Steadicam, extra battery, etc.

Fashion –

Fashion youtube video ideas are some of the most searched niches on YouTube. Share your style, and recommendation of dresses with your audience.

fashion youtube video ideas

23. Outfits for the rainy or snow seasons: Different seasons require different outfits to cope with. You can make some videos on your rainy season outfits or your winter outfits. It is recommended that you should make a separate video on each season’s outfits because generally, people search for outfits for a particular season at a time.

24. Outfit picks by a family member: Let your family member pick up an outfit for you when you are ready to go on a marriage ceremony, or date, and record your reaction and later published it on YouTube.

25. Festival outfit: People wear different outfits at different festivals. You can make a video showing different dresses you have purchased for the upcoming festival and recommend them. This type of video gets more views when a particular festival is nearer, but you have to update with the fashion trend that is currently dominating the fashion world.


The above-mentioned lifestyle vlog ideas have a massive capacity to attract viewers to your channel. If you have any recommendations lifestyle vlog please feel to comment down below.

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