Musicbed vs Epidemic Sound: Which One Is Better?

Musicbed vs epidemic sound, which music licensing site is the better option for your video? Musicbed and epidemic sound are pretty much popular among the vloggers or YouTubers, some prefer musicbed over epidemic sound or some prefer epidemic sound over muscibed in terms of quality, the quantity of music, and also keeping in mind the price factor, because to use their music you need to buy their plan.

musicbed vs epidemic sound

A good piece of music can bring your video to a different level. There are multiple music licensing sites available on the internet, musicbed & epidemic sound are such sites where you can find copyright-free pieces of music for your videos.

To compare musicbed vs epidemic sound, I’m going to compare some important features of them, I will try to make it easy for you to decide which option is better for your video. To compare this, I’ll focus mainly on the following areas:

  • Music library
  • Musi Pricing
  • Music Licensing
  • Music search

Musicbed vs Epidemic Sound Library –

Let’s discuss how much both musicbed and epidemic music sites has music collection on their respective platform.

Musicbed music library :

As of now by looking at their site it is difficult to know the actual number of music in their library, but by looking at their founding year which is 2011, and also by their statement that they continuously updated their music library weekly; it is safe to say that they have probably 20000 puls audio in their platform.

Epidemic Sound library :

I think the epidemic sound has the highest number of music among all other royalty-free music sites available on the internet. As of today, the epidemic sound music library has around 35000 tracks and 90000 sound effects.

By looking at their music library, epidemic sound has more tracks compared to the musicbed. Also, musicbed has no sound effects but the epidemic sound has a huge number of sound effects.

Music Pricing :

Both musicbed and epidemic sound offer subscription-based models, also they offer a ‘Pay Per Song’ model to their users; where you can buy a single track from their library. let’s discuss their price distribution in a detailed way.

Musicbed pricing :

The musicbed pricing system is divided into multiple categories. Their subscription plan is divided into two main models i.e. the ‘Individual’ and ‘Business’ models. Further, the ‘Individual’ model is divided into four categories i.e. – YouTube Creator, Freelance Filmmaker, Wedding Filmmaker, Podcaster. And the ‘Business model’ also is further divided into four categories which are Agency, Production Company, Brand, and Non-Profit.

musicbed pricing

Here, I have mentioned only the price details about the ‘YouTube creator’ plan which falls under the ‘Individual’ model. For more detailed price distribution for the other different categories, I have made a file where you can find the price distribution of other plans also. You can download this file from this link.

The ‘YouTube creator’ plan has two sub-divisions i.e. based on the nature of work; is it for you only or for a client. This factor will determine the price distribution. I have mentioned only the price distribution system for those YouTubers who need this music for their own videos.

The price distribution of the ‘YouTube Creator’ plan is further divided into 3 categories on the basis of subscribers that the YouTuber has i.e. small, medium, and large.

If the YouTuber has up to 250K subscribers it will fall under the small plan. For this plan, the YouTuber needs to pay $249.99/year for an annual subscription or need to pay $59.00 for a single song (one-time use).

When the channel reaches up to 1M subscribers it will fall under the medium plan, for this plan YouTuber needs to pay $99.99 per month or pay in full $1079.88 for an annual subscription, and for the single song, it is $99.00 (one time use). 

On the other hand, if the YouTube channel has over 1M subscribers then it will fall under the large plan, for their price details you need to call the musicbed customer care.

Epidemic Sound pricing

Epidemic sound offers four total subscription plans to their potential users i.e. ‘Free’, ‘Personal’, ‘Commercial’, ‘Enterprise’. You can choose how do you want to pay your bill i.e. monthly or yearly.

epidemic sound pricing

In the ‘Free’ plan you don’t need to pay any penny to use their content also no credit card is required to use this plan. But there are some limitations to using this plan such as you can only able to download 15 tracks per month, also you cannot monetize the videos that you publish on different video publishing platforms. 

In the ‘Personal’ plan a user needs to pay $7 per month if he chooses a monthly subscription or $72 which is $6 per month if he chooses a yearly subscription. A user can download unlimited music tracks, also the user can monetize videos on one channel per platform. Only selected social media platforms are covered in this plan which are YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitch, and Podcasts.

In the ‘Commercial’ plan apart from unlimited song downloading a user can use epidemic songs for all social media platforms, digital ads online platforms, and websites. You can publish content for your clients and business also. For this, you need to pay $25 per month if you opted for a monthly subscription which is $300 per year, and $144 per year which is $12 per month if you wish to go for a yearly subscription.

In the ‘Enterprise’ plan, apart from all the features covered under other plans except the ‘free’ plan, you can use their song in TV shows and ads and create multiple user accounts. For this plan, you need to contact their customer care.

Music Licensing :

Knowing about their music licensing is very much essential because a proper license can protect your videos from rights infringement. Both musicbed and epidemic sound have different license systems for their respective plans. Let’s look at their license system one by one.

Musicbed licensing :

Musibed has two plans i.e. one is a ‘Subscription plan’ where you can download unlimited songs and the other one is a ‘Single song plan’ which falls under the per-project license.

The subscription plan is perpetual which means it will never expire even if you decide to end your subscription. By the way, you can’t use a song for a new project or video after the subscription ends, it will get a copyright strike. For adding or remixing music elements to a track for sync use you need to contact musicbed for permission.

Epidemic Sound licensing :

The ‘Personal’ subscription plan allows users to publish videos using their music and sound effects on different platforms i.e. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch, and the Podcasting platform. You can only link a single YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitch, or Podcast platform by buying this plan. You need an additional subscription plan for an additional set of social channels. You can’t use this plan to make videos for your client’s work.

The ‘Commercial’ subscription plan allows users to publish videos using their music and sound effects for their own purpose as well as for their client’s project. There is no limitation to using epidemic music and sound effects for the different platforms.

If you cancel your subscription, all your published videos will stay clear from getting copyright strikes forever.

Music Search :

Both musicbed & epidemic sound has a large number of tracks, if the quantity of music is high then it is difficult to choose an ideal song to match the video by checking the entire library. A user needs some sort of filter to sort their desired song according to certain categories. In both musicbed and epidemic sound a user can filter their song according to their desire.

Below I have mentioned the filters they provide on their site to help a user to find his/her required song.

Musicbed :

  • Genre
  • Mood
  • Artists
  • Attributes
  • Instrument
  • Advanced

Epidemic Sound :

  • Moods
  • Genre
  • Tags
  • Duration
  • BPM
  • Vocals

The epidemic sound provides an important feature called ‘stems’ by which you can download particular audio layers from a single track. They organize stems into four different categories i.e. melody, instruments, bass, and drums. But in the musicbed, they have yet to include this ‘stems’ feature.

Conclusion :

If you ask me from the musicbed vs epidemic sound, which site has a better quality of soundtracks? Well, the answer can be varied between individuals because people have different tastes in music, some people will like musicbed soundtracks and other some people will like epidemic sounds music. There is no doubt that they provide high-quality music, but personally, I prefer musicbed over the epidemic sound.

If you have any suggestions for musicbed vs epidemic sound then feel free to comment down below.

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