Why Am I Getting No Views On YouTube: 8 Real Reasons

Yeah, I know that feeling. After spending hours and hours shooting a video, editing it, and when you publish your masterpiece then you check the YouTube analytics and see that the video has no views on YouTube, even after a couple of days. So, you got frustrated and decided not to publish again on YouTube. Here I have mentioned the term ‘no views on YouTube’ to give you an example of not getting enough visitors that your video deserved or not getting enough views to qualify for monetization.

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Ok, before you quit it, I would like to show you some possible reasons why you’re not getting views on YouTube. Maybe if you work on the reasons that I have provided then there you have a chance to get a large number of views.

Why am I getting no views on YouTube?

In this post, I will go through some points that you may have done in the wrong way in the video that you published or simply you’re not paying attention to it and I will try to tell you the solution to fix these causes. The reasons may be different for a different video. It may be related to before you start filming a video or may be related after publishing the content.

So, let’s dive into the possible reasons and solutions for this to fix it. –

1. Multiple Niches –

One of the first mistakes people did is that they cover multiple niches under one channel. Multiple niches, I mean they cover different ideas under one YouTube channel, they make videos about cooking videos, gaming videos, lifestyle videos, travel videos, or challenge videos in one channel. So people got confused about your main niche.

The audience will be confused by visiting your YouTube profile and will think twice before subscribing to your channel. And also if you have already subscribed audience, some audience will unsubscribe from your channel if you constantly making videos of different niches under the same channel.

I’m not saying that from these types of channels you will not receive any views but in long run, it will affect your channel. And it may reduce your viewers as your initial subscribing people may lose interest in your channel.

Solution – The solution for this is to stick with one niche that you love to work with. I am telling you this from a viewer’s perspective, who loves to watch videos from a specific YouTube channel, who constantly making videos about the same niches which can be anything that he is good at, and also subscribed to it by thinking that he will provide these type of content in future also.

2. Low Volume Niches –

A low-volume niche may be one of the reasons that you have no views on YouTube. Low volume niche means search volume for such niche on YouTube is quite low. If the audience will not search the keyword or the term on YouTube that your video is based on, then it will not get views organically.

Solution – Before making videos or being published on YouTube, first search the niche on Google or YouTube search engine. See the volume of other videos which is based on the same topic, if you think they get enough volume then you should go for it.

Or you can seek help from online tools like Tubebuddy or VidQ, simply installs their extension on your browser and search your topics to see if it has enough volume or not.

3. High Competition Niches –

Even after you find a topic that has enough volume to take a leap of faith, it may not suitable for you if you’re just starting to think about making videos. Because generally, high search volume means high competition. To beat these videos and get ranked high on such a topic is somewhat difficult because the YouTube platform is already filled with thousands of videos made on such topics.

Cooking niche, lifestyle niche, daily vlogs, and DIY niche are such high competition YouTube niches that are very saturated on the YouTube platform.

Solution – Suppose you are thinking of starting a cooking channel. There are numerous dishes you can choose to make videos and publish. But wait, all cooking dishes videos on your channel may not perform well in terms of views if you are just a beginner. I will try to explain this with an example –

If you are making a video on ‘How to make butter chicken’ then it may not perform well because it has lots of other channel videos that basically cover this same topic. You may not get ranked well in the search engine and so if you don’t get ranked then you will not get views (organically).

But if you are making a video on ‘how to make bamboo chicken’ then there is a chance that you may get ranked. To see the competition I use ‘Keywords Everywhere. You can take help from this type of tool, though they are 100% accurate, they still give an idea about a high competition topic, by which you can presume which one to target.

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4. Video Quality –

Quality matters. One of the reasons why you’re getting no views on YouTube is because of the bad quality. Your video quality can be measured from various aspects like the information you provide, or the resolution of the uploading video.

If you don’t provide quality content who will watch your videos. And also if you upload a low-quality video then this also can be the reason that YouTube is not recommending your video.

Solution – Try to create your content like that the audience feels entertained, they earn valuable information or knowledge from your videos. YouTube algorithms love high-resolution video, so upload at least 1080p resolution video.

5. Lack of Keyword Research –

Not doing keyword research and putting keywords or video tags in video descriptions before publishing is one of the main reasons for no views on YouTube videos. The YouTube ranking algorithm is getting more complicated day by day as the number of videos keeps increasing rapidly. By not doing keyword research to optimize a video your videos will not get ranked.

Solution – You need to do proper keyword research before you hit the publish button. If you are thinking about how to do keyword research as a beginner or if you have a limited budget then you may try these YouTube SEO-free tools.

One tip I will mention here which will be beneficial for you to look up what are your competitor’s keywords. Keywords they are using in a video to rank. The steps are to find the keywords –

Step 1- Click the first or second video that has the same topic as yours. Then ‘Right Click’ and you will see the ‘Video page source’ option, click it.

not getting youtube views techwh

Step 2 – Ctrl + F and search “keywords”. All the keywords he or she mentions in their video will be visible to you.

why no views on youtube techwh

6. Title & Thumbnail –

Title and thumbnail played a vital role in attracting views. It is equally important as keyword research for optimizing a video. If your title and thumbnail are not catchy then even after your videos are recommended in YouTube browse features people will not pay attention to your video and you will lose potential views.

Solution – Try to mention your keyword in your main title but it should be meaningful to read. Instead of YouTube’s auto-generated thumbnail, you should make your own thumbnail. These auto-generated thumbnails will not be catchy as your own custom thumbnail. And also your thumbnails should be both mobile and desktop friendly.

You can use emojis in your thumbnail which is related to your thumbnail. I suggest you use Canva, which is an online photo and video editor for thumbnail creation.

And one important thing to pay attention which is, don’t clickbait to attract the audience’s attention. It may give your video a click but the audience will automatically close the video if they find out that there is no connection between the thumbnail or title and the main video.

7. Not Consistent –

Another reason for no views on YouTube videos is maybe because of lack of consistency. If you don’t maintain your consistency in publishing new videos then you may not get views or YouTube will not recommend your videos to the other audience due to lack of consistency and you may lose your existing subscribers also.

Solution – I’m not saying that you need to publish videos on daily basis except for the vloggers who are in Daily vlogging niches, but two or three videos in a week should be an ideal routine for a beginner.

8. Lack of promotion –

Sometimes a creator forgets to use the power of social media. Lack of promotion in social media you may miss a diverse community of people. If you regularly publish your content on social media you may have a chance to go viral on the internet.

Solution – You should publish your content on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. I have already made two dedicated posts about the best websites to promote your YouTube channel and the best subreddits to promote YouTube videos. You can check these links, it may help you to get more YouTube views.

Conclusion –

I hope you will get succeeded in getting YouTube views through these above-mentioned solutions. If you have any other suggestions on this topic i.e. no views on YouTube, then feel free to comment down below.

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