10 Pros And Cons Of Being A YouTuber

Launch on February 14, 2005; YouTube is one of the preferable video-sharing platforms worldwide. And if you are wondering which are the top 3 search engines on the Internet right now, YouTube ranks 2nd after Google. As you know, there are so many things you can do on the YouTube platform, apart from watching videos, you can share and upload videos on this platform and earn money from this, which can be a great source of income for you. Here in this post, I have mentioned some pros and cons of being a YouTuber, by which you can decide if it matches your taste or not.

pros and cons of being a youtuber

Pros and cons of being a YouTuber –

What are the pros and cons of starting a YouTube channel? Before you start diving into the YouTube world, first you need to understand some elements about the Youtube platform. YouTube has both advantages and disadvantages aspects. For some users, YouTube can be a great carer option or for some, it may be frustrating in continuing running a YouTube channel.

Pros –

Is being a YouTuber a good idea? Well, let’s find out from the below-mentioned pros.

1. Cost-free –

YouTube is completely free (with ads displaying) to watch and upload videos on the platform. You will not get charged for uploading too many videos in a single day, there is no limitation in uploading, sharing, or watching videos. You don’t even need to sign up for an account on YouTube to watch videos, but for uploading content, you need to create an account on the YouTube platform.

If you wish to go for Ads less account then you can choose their paid subscription model which is called YouTube premium. YouTube Premium has so many benefits like users can work other things on mobile/PC screen by playing a background YouTube video, users will not get interrupted by so many ads before and during the videos, users can download videos to watch online.

2. Opportunity-

Over 15 million people visit per month on this platform, which is a lot of visitors. This is your massive opportunity to showcase your talent or express your ideas before these massive audiences. Although over the years the competition to rank a video of a particular niche is increasing day by day but still with proper keyword research, and marketing you can rank your videos.

3. Earning opportunities –

At present YouTube is regarded as one of the top income source platforms for YouTubers all over the world. Many YouTubers right now living a luxurious life by earning money from the YouTube platform. You can earn money from YouTube from various sources such as by-

benefits of having a youtube channel
  • Advertising – Placing ads is one of the major ways to earn money from the YouTube platform. YouTube will pay you money by placing ads on your video, for this you need to qualify their channel monetization policy.
  • Affiliate Marketing- Affiliate marketing is also one of the major sources of earning money. Here when you put an affiliate link in your video and an audience buys the product through your link then you will get a commission. Amazon Associates, ClickBank, Rakuten Marketing are some of the best affiliate networks for affiliate marketing.
  • Selling your products- In the YouTube platform you can sell your brand products through your videos, unlike affiliate marketing here you will get full profit by selling your own products.
  • Sponsorship- By seeing the popularity and the engagement of the audience on your channel, if a company wants to advertise their product through your videos; then they may contact you. By advertising their products through your videos you can earn money. There is no certain answer that how much money they will pay you, well it is totally based on your channel views reach as well as their company value.

4. Skill Development-

One of the benefits of having a youtube channel is the development of skills. By constantly making videos for YouTube you can unlock or develop new skills. If you manage a YouTube channel on your own then you will have to do multiple things, like making scripts, capturing videos with different angles, handling equipment, practicing video editing software to edit your videos, marketing your videos like optimizing your videos with on-page and off-page SEO or promote your videos on the different social media platform to get views.

By developing such skills you will get benefited from the outside platforms also, if you mastered video editing skills then you can be an independent video editor career option for you.

Cons –

What are the disadvantages of having a YouTube channel? Well, let’s find out from the below-mentioned cons.

5. Lack of content ideas –

Sometimes you may run out of ideas for creating a video. Lack of content ideas may affect your channel growth because you need to keep making content regularly for your audience for engagement and also for the YouTube SEO factor which helps you in ranking your videos. So you need to search for content ideas related to your niche extensively, and sometimes this may lead you to frustration because looking for new ideas every time is not an easy task.

Every YouTuber faces this situation so don’t worry about this, if you have a clear picture of your niche then eventually you will discover new content ideas. Also, I have made another post i.e. High traffic vlogging niches for YouTube, if you wish you can check this.

6. High Competition- 

The competition on YouTube is increasing day by day. The rising of competition on the YouTube platform is a serious concern for every YouTuber. According to the data by Fortunelords around 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute on YouTube in 2022. You can imagine the level of competition from this data,  that’s a lot of videos uploaded daily on the YouTube platform. 

Videos that are uploaded on YouTube is from different niches, some are high competition niche or some are low competition niches. So it is recommended that you should go for low competition niche.

7. Time-consuming –

Selecting an idea, making a script on it, filming it, editing the content, and later uploading it on YouTub is a very time-consuming process. Marketing the content will also consume extra time from you. Editing and marketing of a video will consume more time than filming the video, like if the filming process takes 40% of your time then the marketing and editing process takes 60% of your time.

pros and cons of having a youtube channel

8. You may not see the benefits immediately –

Well, it’s a bitter truth that you will not get overnight success on the YouTube platform, this takes time. You can relate to the YouTube platform as a marathon, not as a sprint. For some, it takes years to see success on YouTube. It needs patience, hard work, and some financial support to see success. 

You need to keep making great content and upload regularly to see success. You have to beat the YouTube algorithm to rank your videos on the YouTube platform, by doing this you can reduce the time.

9. Equipment cost-

Well, it depends upon some factors such as the quality of the video how much professional you want to make your video, and different niches. Except for the basic vlogging kit that you need for documenting, if you want to make your video high quality then you need to buy different equipment; which will cost you some heavy money.

10. Restrictions-

Another one of the cons of YouTube has i.e. there are too many restrictions on uploading a video. You just cannot upload any categorical videos on this platform. Also sometimes they can disable your account without giving any proper reasons.

Conclusions –

From the above content, I think you have understood the pros and cons of having a youtube channel. If you have any suggestions about the pros and cons of being a YouTuber, please feel free to comment below.

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