29 Best Storytime Ideas For YouTube Videos

Storytelling is an art. And in a specific YouTube video, it really matters, because through storytelling you can hook an audience until the end of the video. If you’re good at storytelling and searching for some of the best storytime ideas for YouTube then you’re in the right place. Here, I will share some ideas for storytime, from which you may get lots of YouTube views.

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Storytime ideas for YouTube videos –

Storytime videos are very popular among the audience because the audience can relate some moments of their life to someone else life through your videos. While watching or listening to this kind of storytelling content one can earn both entertainment and knowledge. By the term ‘entertainment’ I mean you can have fun while listening to their stories and by the term ‘knowledge’ I mean you can have knowledge of how to overcome certain situations, as the storyteller and you face the same kind of situations.

I have categorized these storytime ideas into certain groups such as –

  • Childhood Memories
  • School/College Memories
  • Travel
  • About you

Childhood memories –

1. Your earliest childhood memories – What are the earliest childhood memories that you still recalled? You can talk about those memories.

2. Favorite childhood family holiday – Talk about your favorite childhood holidays that you spend with your family.

3. Memorable place you spend your childhood – In this idea, you can talk about some places apart from your home where you spend most of the time of your childhood and has a deep connection with it.

4. Your childhood illness – If you had a significant illness during your childhood, you can make a story video about it. You can talk about the disease, the reason for that, how to cure it, and how it will affect you.

5. Memory with your siblings or cousins – If you have a sibling or cousin, who has the same age as you then I bet your childhood is so memorable. As a creator, you can talk about the different games you two played, different activities you did together, etc.

6. Childhood memories with your grandparents – You can make a video about your grandparents, talk about their unconditional love, your visit during the holidays, etc.

7. Your childhood best friend – The best friend you had during your childhood, with whom you spend your entire childhood.

8. Your childhood birthday parties – You can make storytime videos by talking about your childhood birthday parties, how you celebrate your birthday, the types of gifts you receive on your birthday, etc.

9. Your childhood pets – Pets you have during your childhood, how you play with them.

10. Collection of toys – Here you can talk about the collection of toys you have or show the collection to your audience if you still have those toys.

11. Different games you played – Recall the games you played during childhood whether with your best friend or with your family members.

School/College Memories –

12. The first day of school or college – You can share your story about the first day of school or college, and what was your experience on that particular day.

13. Exam results day – You can make a video by sharing your moment of the result day, and also talk about the aftermath of the result.

14. Your school/college friends – Probably you made lots of friends during the days of school or college, and some are still your friends; you can talk about them as well in the story time video idea. If you have BFF and planning to open a YouTube channel then you may try these BFF video ideas for your YouTube channel.

15. Talk about your teacher or professors – You can also talk about your favorite school teacher or professor with your audience. Also, talk about the conflict with a teacher or a professor.

16. School/college bunk storytime – Probably only a few people are here on the earth that did not bunk their class during their school or college days. Why and what did you do after bunking a class, you can share this story with your audience.

17. Hostel room horror stories – Did you ever encounter a ghost when living in the hostel? Hostel horror stories are one of the best interesting and popular storytime ideas.

Travel stories –

18. A crazy travel story – In this idea, you can make a video about telling a crazy travel story that you will not get forgot in your lifetime.

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19. Talk about the location you visit – Talk about the location that you had visited already, and share your good and worst experience, and difficulties you face during your visit with the audience about the place so that if any of your audience plan to visit the particular location he may aware of such things.

20. Solo traveling – If you have ever done solo traveling then you can share your story with your audience. Some other storytime ideas you can include in your video, such as what was your experience doing a solo trip, what difficulties did you face during the trip, etc.

21. Your first trip to other countries – if you visited other countries then you can share your stories with the audience. You can talk about the cultural shock you receive during the visit, you can talk about the behavior of the people living there as well.

About you –

22. Your hobby – In this idea, you can talk about your favorite hobbies. Share your favorite activity that you won’t get tired of doing again and again.

23. Your biggest achievement – Here you can talk about your biggest life achievement. A success that you acquired by doing extremely hard work. Also, here you can share your secret mantras by which you have seen the achievement.

24. Your biggest failure – Sometimes you may face or you have faced some difficulties during your life. You may talk about it with your audience.

25. Your first job – In this idea, you can talk about your first job, how you’re excited about it, your struggles to get that job, your colleague, your boss, etc. Also, you can talk about why you quit your first job.

26. An embarrassing moment – You can share your most embarrassing moment with your audience.

27. Your first crush – Who is your first crush? You can talk about your love for your crush.

28. Relationship – This is one of the best storytime ideas, by which you have a chance of getting lots of views. You can talk about your first date, your breakup story, your long-distance relationship, what you learned from your relationship, how do you meet your husband or wife, etc you may cover this under the relationship storytime idea.

29. Pregnancy – It will be a great idea for you to tell a story.

Conclusion –

I hope, from the above-mentioned storytime video ideas you will be able to drive lots of traffic to your YouTube channel. If you have any suggestions regarding storytime ideas for YouTube videos then feel free to comment down below.

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