95 Best Summer YouTube Video Ideas

Summer is upon us. It’s the best time to make videos on summer season content to get more views and subscribers, because when you make seasonal content or make videos on the current season then there is a high chance of getting more views or getting viral. In this summer season if you are looking for summer YouTube video ideas then you’re in the right place. In this blog post, I have made a compilation of various YouTube video ideas for summer.

summer youtube video ideas

Summer YouTube video ideas –

In this post, I have compiled 95 ideas for the summer season.

So, let’s dive into it.

Summer Routine vlog ideas –

Everyone follows different routines in their daily life. Some people start their morning with different approaches. Also, the season-wise routines can be different from each other, what routine is followed in the winter season it may not be the same in the summer season So, what’s your summer season routine you follow?

These are some examples of YouTube ideas that you can make videos based on routine, such as –

1. Morning routine

2. Evening routine

3. Bedtime routine

4. Skincare routine

5. Haircare routine

6. Selfcare routine

7. Summer weekend routine

8. Summer work routine

9. Summer holiday routine

Summer Travel vlog ideas –

People love to watch travel videos for entertainment as well as for knowledge. In this summer season, you can go out and make some travel videos if you’re interested. If you’re into the travel niche then this will be the best season for you to make videos and get more views. As summer vacation started people wanted to go to various places like the beach, hill station, etc.

summer travel vlog ideas

Following some of the examples of summer travel vlog niches –

10. Beach vlog

11. Road trip vlog

12. Camping vlog

13. Summer holiday vlog

14. Drive with me video

15. Make a video about your preparation.

16. Make a video about your camera equipment and tools.

Summer Recipes video ideas-

What are the summer foods and recipes you’re going to make to enjoy or to beat the heat? If you are in food vlogging niches then there are so many ideas for summer recipes that you can make videos about.

youtube video ideas for summer

Such as –

17. Favorite summer foods

18. Vegan summer recipes

19. Summer salad ideas

20. Summer dinner ideas

21. Healthy summer drinks

22. Refreshing summer drinks

23. Monday to Friday summer dinner recipes

24. Quick and healthy snacks

25. Recipes with summer vegetables

26. Lemonade drinks

27. Summer dessert ideas

28. Summer cocktails

Summer Fashion & Beauty video ideas –

The niche fashion & beauty which can be categorized under lifestyle vlog is one of the major search terms on the YouTube platform. You can share your summer style, and recommendation of dresses with your audience.

Some of the summer ideas for fashion & beauty are as follows –

29. Outfits for the rainy or summer season

30. Outfits pics by your family member

31. Blindfold makeup challenge

32. Summer festival outfit

33. Shopping for the summer collection

34. Summer shoe collection

35. Swimsuit for summer

36. Beach vacation outfits

37. Must have summer clothes for men or women

38. Makeup kit collection

39. Summer glow up

40. Your favorite makeup brand

41. Summer wedding makeup

42. Summer wedding dress

43. Summer hairstyle trends

44. Summer makeup looks

‘How To’ video ideas –

‘How to..’ videos have a large audience. Today most people go to the YouTube platform and type sentences like ‘ How to…’ whenever they try to solve a problem. You can make lots of videos in this category. 

Some ideas are as follows –

45. How to stay productive during summer days

46. How to edit a video

47. How to edit a photo for Instagram

48. How to survive the heat this summer

49. How to prevent getting a sunburn

50. How to make money online

51. How to start a YouTube channel

52. How to get 4000 watch hours on the YouTube channel

53. How to stay motivated

54. How to set up your camera for filming

55. How to get ready for a date

Summer Bucket list video ideas –

Another high volume traffic category that you can make content i.e. summer bucket list video ideas. You can make videos about your summer bucket list ideas, i.e. the list of goals that you want to be accomplished during this summer.

Some ideas for the summer bucket list are as follows –

56. Attend a summer music concert

57. Go for a hike

58. Explore a new part of a city

59. Things to do in summer

60. Try a new dish

61. Take a road trip

62. Go to a waterpark

63. Home maintenance activities for the summer season

64. Go to a beach

65. Go to a drive-in movie

66. Summer bucket list for kids

67. Try out a new challenge like draw on my back challenge, try not to laugh challenge

68. Dance in the rain

69. Funny games to play in summer

70. Do a pillow fight with your friend

71. Camping in the woods

Workout video ideas –

You can make videos of summer workout sessions. You can make videos about various workouts to stay healthy this summer. Some other areas you can cover such as –

72. Summer diet for the workout

73. Motivational workout

74. Workout for beginners

75. Workout music playlist

76. Transformation video

Entertainment video ideas –

Entertainment is one of the most competitive vlogging niches, still, search volume has very high. You can make videos related to movies, music shows, etc. Lots of movies are released during the summer season, you can review or give a reaction to them. 

Some other YouTube video ideas are –

77. Summer movie list to watch at theater

78. Movies to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu

79. Reacting to comedy shows

80. Review movie/season

81. Movie scenes recreated

Unboxing video ideas –

You can make unboxing videos about what you bought for the summer season. People love to watch unboxing videos and it may be good for affiliate marketing. Some ideas for this topic are as follows –

82. Unboxing makeup kits

83. Unboxing your new phone

84. Unboxing kitchen items

85. Unboxing summer gadgets like AC/fan/cooler

About Yourself –

This topic is related to yourself. Your audience may want to know some basic information about you or what you do in a day. Under this topic, you can make videos on the following ideas –

86. Your favorite things about the summer season

87. A day in a life

88. A room/home tour video

89. Summer room makeover

90. Your monthly goals

91. Things you do when you feel bored

92. Essential things you need in summer

93. DIY summer activity or summer lifehacks

94. Your favorite books to read this summer

95. Get to know me (Q&A session)

Conclusion –

Above are some of the best summer video ideas for YouTube. If you have any recommendations for summer YouTube video ideas, please feel free to comment below.

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