66 Best Vlogmas Ideas For YouTube Video

There are only a few months left for Christmas. So as a content creator it is time to think about making some content related to Christmas. Because as Christmas will approach your YouTube videos that are related to Christmas will start to receive lots of views and have a chance of getting viral. It will be a wise decision to make content about Christmas and release it during Christmas. So if you are looking for the best vlogmas ideas to make YouTube videos then you’re in the right place.

vlogmas ideas

Vlogmas ideas for YouTube video –

If you have been around the YouTube ecosystem for several years, you probably heard the term ‘Vlogmas’. This concept. Vlogmas means Christmas-themed videos, which is initially started by American YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen back in 2011. Vlogmas is a kind of tradition where YouTube creators post a video a day from the start of December until Christmas.

In this post, I have mentioned some of the best vlogmas ideas to create YouTube videos.

So, let’s dive in –

Christmas holiday routine vlog ideas –

Everyone follows a different daily routine and Christmas is no exception. Also during the Christmas or Christmas holidays, the daily routine will be different from the usual daily routine. As a content creator, you can show your audience about your daily routine during the time of Christmas.

Following are some examples of vlogmas ideas that you can make videos based on routine, such as –

1. Christmas Morning Routine

2. Christmas Evening Routine

3. Christmas Skincare Routine

4. Christmas Selfcare Routine

5. Christmas Haircare Routine

6. Workout Routine during Christmas

Christmas recipes vlog ideas –

On Christmas day everyone tries to make different recipes. What are the food and recipes you’re going to make during Christmas? If you’re in the cooking vlogging niches then there are so many ideas for Christmas recipes that you can make videos about.

Such as –

7. Christmas Candy

8. Christmas Cakes

9. Christmas Cookies

10. Christmas Salads

11. Christmas Baking

12. Christmas Main dishes

13. Christmas Side dishes

14. Christmas Appetizers

15. How to eat healthy during Christmas?

16. What did I eat on Christmas day?

Christmas fashion & beauty vlog ideas –

Fashion & beauty which can be categorized under lifestyle vlog is one of the major search terms on the YouTube platform during Christmas. You can share beauty tips, various styles, and recommendations for dresses with your audience.

Some of the Christmas vlog ideas for fashion & beauty are as follows –

17. Christmas hairstyle ideas

18. Christmas outfit ideas

19. Christmas holiday nail art

20. Outdoor/Indoor Party dress ideas

21. Blindfold makeup challenge

22. Outfits pics by your family member

23. Stylish Jackets and Boots to wear during snow

24. Get ready with me for Christmas

25. Must have winter clothes for men or women

26. Christmas makeup ideas

27. Matching family outfits for Christmas

28. Your favorite makeup brand

Christmas gift Ideas –

Another brilliant idea is to make videos about vlogmas gift ideas. During Christmas, many people share gifts with each other. As a content creator, you can make videos on this topic.

Some topics such as –

29. Christmas gifts for family members

30. Christmas gifts to your neighbor

31. Christmas gifts to girlfriend or boyfriend

32. Christmas gifts to your friend

33. Last-minute Christmas gifts

Vlogmas decoration Ideas –

During Christmas, we decorate our home with various items. On such a topic, you can make videos about it.

Some decorating ideas for vlogmas are as follows –

decoration youtube video ideas for vlogmas

34. Decorating House for Christmas

35. Decorating Christmas tree

36. Outdoor Christmas decoration

37. DIY Christmas decoration

Travel vlog ideas –

People love to watch travel videos. During this Christmas season, you can go out and make some travel videos if you’re interested. If you’re into the travel niche then this will be the best season for you to make videos and get more views. As the holidays started people wanted to go to various places so prior to that they search on Google or YouTube to know more about a  particular place.

vlogmas video ideas

Some of the ideas are –

38. Make a video about your preparation

39. Road trip vlog

40. Camping vlog

41. Drive with me video

Entertainment vlogmas ideas –

Entertainment is one of the competitive YouTube niches still search volume has very high. You can make videos related to movies you watch during Christmas day, music shows, etc.

Some other ideas are –

42. Recommend movies related Christmas theme

43. Your favorite Christmas movies

44. Reacting to comedy shows

45. Movies to watch on Netflix

46. List of Christmas songs lits or Carols

47. Movie scenes recreated

‘How To’ video ideas –

‘How to..’ videos have a large audience. Nowadays, most people go to the YouTube platform and type sentences like ‘ How to…’ whenever they try to solve a problem. You can make lots of videos in this category during Christmas as many people try to make different things.

Some ‘How To’ ideas are –

48. How to wrap gifts

49. How to decorate every room within a short time

50. How to flock a Christmas tree

51. How to grow your business during holiday reason

Christmas Bucket list vlog ideas –

Christmas bucket list video ideas are another high-volume traffic ideas that you can make videos. During Christmas, if you have some goals to accomplish then you should make videos about them.

Some ideas are as follows –

52. Try a new dish during Christmas

53. Go for a hike during the Christmas holiday

54. Explore a new part of a city

55. Funny games play in the snow

56. Camping

57. Things to do in the Christmas holidays

Unboxing video ideas –

You can make unboxing videos about what you bought for Christmas. People love to watch unboxing videos and it may be a good topic for your affiliate marketing.

Some ideas for this topic are –

58. Unboxing Christmas gifts

59. Unboxing new gadgets that you bought this Christmas

60. Unboxing makeup kits

About Yourself vlog Ideas-

This topic is related to yourself. Your audience may want to know some basic information about you or what you do in during Christmas eve.

Under this topic, you can make videos on the following ideas –

61. Your favorite things about Christmas

62. A room home/neighbor tour

63. DIY Christmas activity

64. Your favorite books to read this Christmas

65. Essential things you need for Christmas

66. Get to know me (Q&A session)


Above are some of the best vlogmas ideas for YouTube. If you have any recommendations for YouTube video ideas for vlogmas, please feel free to comment below.

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