What Is Vlogging And How Does It Work In 2023

Nowadays a trending way to showcase your talent is by making a vlog. Vlogging is the best way to make an impression on the world and you can also make a living out of it. So the question is what is vlogging and how does it work? The dictionary term for a vlog is a video blog or video log. It’s simply capturing a moment/experience or anything in a form of a video that we can share

There are numerous ways to do a vlog, like about a particular niche in which you are interested and have the talent. In this blog, We will talk about everything on the vlog and how it works. By the end of this article, you will have proper knowledge of vlogging which will help you in your journey.

What is vlogging and how does it work

What is Vlogging and how does it work?

The full form of the vlog is defined as “video blogging”. There is a difference between Blogs and Vlogs. A blog is regarded as documentation of anything in a written form, whereas a vlog is documentation of anything in a video form. 

Documenting something like reviewing a product, showcasing your artistic mind or moves, capturing a travel journey or places, or making an educational tutorial with the help of a camera or phone is regarded as a vlog and the person who captures this is called a Vlogger. A vlogger is a person who creates a vlog in a particular niche or multiple niches by applying his ideas, planning, and direction.

How does vlogging work?

If you wish to showcase your talent via posting a video to a larger audience, then you should be a vlogger. For beginners, you don’t need expensive equipment to capture a video. You just need a budget-friendly camera or a phone, that’s it. 

You need to capture the moment by using your budget camera/phone. After capturing the video you can edit this on your phone. Though I recommend a laptop to edit your video for a smooth process.

There are numerous free video hosting platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, etc., where you can upload your video unlimited without any cost and post it to reach viewers around the world. Nowadays, YouTube has become a No.1 global leader platform for vloggers to reach their viewers worldwide.

Different types of vlog content

Unboxing and Reviewing various tech products, Lifestyle vlogs, Daily Life vlogs, Educational Tutorials, Video games including streaming, Movie Reviews, Book Reviews, Travel video, Painting Vlog, Food vlogs are some of the best high traffic vlogging niches or different types of vlog content ideas you may interested or choose to do it. You can work on multiple niches or focus on a single niche but before that, you should research it to find the perfect vlog niche or ideas for your vlogging journey. 

Vlogging Styles

“Talking Head” and “Follow Around” are the two main different vlogging styles. The camera or phone is set in a static position on the “Talking Head” vlog style and on “Follow around” the camera or the phone is in a dynamic position. 

The best examples of “Talking head” vlog style is – The food vlog, Educational Tutorial vlog, Review Vlog, and example of “ Follow around” is – The travel vlog,  Daily Vlog.

Is vlogging worth it?

Yes, of course. The importance of vlogging is growing day by day. If there are some ways to show your talent or your artistic vision as well as to earn some money, then vlogging is one of the ways to do it. Nowadays who aren’t familiar with YouTube. 

On this platform there are so many successful vloggers you’ll find, Food Vlog you may look at – Dianxi Xiaoge, Emmymade, Travel Vlog – Kritika Goel, and Lost LeBlanc, are some of the pro-vlogger you can find. For every niche or category, you’ll find a successful vlogger. 

Vlogging can help you with your online business also. If you have a small business where you want to sell your products globally or locally, you can sell them to your audience; by giving them valuable information about your products. Because by vlogging you can reach out to the majority of the audience worldwide and build a relationship whom they can trust with a product you are selling.

How do vloggers make money?

You are probably thinking about how do vloggers make money or how can I make money through vlogging. Ok no worries, I will show some ways, where you or vloggers can make money. 

For instance, through Advertising. By showing Advertisee to your video you can make money, all you need to monetize your video (though there are some conditions for different hosting video platforms). 

Another one is Affiliate marketing. In your video description, If you put a link on your video with a product from brands like Amazon, then every time a viewer purchases a product through your link, then you’ll get a commission.

Sponsored content is another way to make money from vlogging If a brand or industry wants to advertise their product through your video, they may contact you. By putting a short clip (accordingly by mutual understanding) on your video you’ll earn some money.

I have made a dedicated blog post on how do vloggers make money, you can check this.

What equipment do I need for vlogging?

It’s ok if your budget is limited, you can start your vlogging journey with a camera or a smartphone. Later on, you can edit your video on your phone, as multiple mobile-friendly video editors are available in-app store, and upload to different video hosting platforms.

different types of vlog content

But if you are willing to invest some money for more quality for the video you are making, then you should have these gear like a lens, a mic, a tripod, lighting for low light, a laptop where you can store your video and edit your software. These are the basic necessity for your vlog journey.

For more information on vlogging equipment read this article Vlogging kit for beginners: Budget is the way to go.

How do vloggers affect their viewers?

With the rapid interaction between the vlogger and his viewers, they build a very emotional relationship between them. Some hardcore viewers regarded their favorite vlogger as an idol and want to follow or copy his/her lifestyle into their daily life.

A viewer’s feelings can be directly affected by seeing his favorite vloggers express their sentiments. In that way, a vlogger can influence his/her follower in both a positive and negative way. 

Now you are thinking, Is vlogging a good idea? Or should I pursue this as a full-time career? Well, it is completely up to you, whether you want to fully invest your precious time into it or you just want to select it as a hobby. 

Like other professions, there is also a risk. If you want to succeed in vlogging then you have to be fully committed to this. It will take some time but eventually, you will see the light if you are serious about it.

In vlogging world content is king. If your content is high quality, then your audience will grow day by day. The more you have audiences the more you’ll get views and ultimately it leads to honor and money.


I hope by reading this article you have now an understanding of what is vlogging and how does it work? If you have any recommendations please feel free to comment below.

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