12 Best YouTube Ideas For Girls To Make Videos

Are you looking for YouTube ideas for girls? Well, you’re in the right place. In this blog, I have mentioned some of the YouTube channel ideas for girls, which are the best for both YouTube traffic and income. So, let’s discuss these ideas.

YouTube ideas for girls

12 YouTube ideas for girls –

1. Morning Routine –

What is your morning routine? Make a video about your morning schedule such as at what time you wake up, and what you do immediately after taking a nap, many girls love to surf their mobile phones for a while when they’re still in bed. You can show your audience how you make your bed after waking up.  

You can make different videos about the morning routine for the different seasons as well, as seasons- wise your morning routine will be different; the summer morning routine can be different from the winter season.

Also, what type of exercise do you do to feel fresh, and what breakfast do you eat to not feel heavy or sleepy for the rest of the day. These are some topics you can add to your morning routine video.

2. Night Time Routine –

Like morning routine you can make a video about your nighttime schedule. Shoot some scenes about when you go to bed, your nighttime exercises, your dinner time, etc. Many girls prefer to take a quick shower before going to bed. Also during the night time if you maintain a ‘To Do’ list where you write down what you want to do for tomorrow then you can shoot a clip about it and add it to your nighttime routine video.

Like I mentioned earlier in the morning routine idea, here you can also make different nighttime routine videos for the different seasons.

3. Makeup Routine –

You can make videos about your regular makeup routine. In this topic, you can make lots of videos about multiple topics such as your makeup routine for school/college, if you have oily or dry skin then what makeup routine do you follow; if you go to the office then what makeup do you apply to your skin, what makeup you apply before going to shoot a YouTube video, your summer makeup routine, your winter makeup routine, also what makeup routine you follow for morning or night, etc.

YouTube channel ideas for girls

In terms of revenue, this is one of the best YouTube ideas for girls for earning additional money by affiliate marketing in addition to ad revenue.

4. Workout Videos –

What workout do you do to stay fit or healthy? You can make videos about workout videos that you practice. Topics you can cover under this category include workouts for beginners, different diets, motivational workouts, your song playlist for workouts, your workout equipment, fat-burning cardio workout, New Year workout plan, and body transformation video, etc.

5. Collection video –

People love to watch collection videos, especially those audiences who follow you for many days. They love to see your item collection that you are gonna use or use currently. And as a girl, you have many options to make a video about showing your collections and how you store them to your viewers. You can shoot clips about your makeup collection, makeup kit collection and where you keep them, your jewelry collection, cloth collection, movie collection, skincare/haircare collection & storage, etc.

6. Shopping Haul –

A shopping haul video idea is nothing but recording a video about something you bought at from supermarket or online. If you recently purchased some clothing for a wedding or for upcoming festivals or households items, or makeup kits, then you should make a haul video about the items you bought. People love to watch haul videos, especially women, you can talk about the cost and detailed experience during the purchases.

7. Challenges –

YouTube challenges videos are a joy to watch, your audience will love to see you doing some challenges. Though it is a very old YouTube idea still there are lots of viewers for this topic. You can make different videos by doing different challenges. You can do these types of challenges by yourself or with the help of your friend or family member. Blindfolded makeup challenge, Blindfolded drawing challenge, Draw on my back challenge, Try not to laugh challenge, and Don’t Wipe your Mouth Challenge are some of the topics you may cover for your YouTube challenge.

8. Traveling –

Travel videos can be made in different styles, you can make them in a cinematic way or the usual walk and talk video style, it’s up to you which style you love to create. Explore new places and showing these places to your viewers in a creative way is the main theme of the traveling niche. Also, apart from showing places to places you can cover some certain topics such as how to reach the place, talk about the accommodation, your experience about this place as a whole, talk bout your next trip, travel tips, etc. 

Before starting your channel you may have to spend some money on basic equipment for your travel journey, which will help you enormously. Apart from your camera, you need to buy some other important equipment for capturing travel videos. As the day goes by you can review and tell your experience by using this equipment. This can be a great opportunity for you to earn money through affiliate marketing.

9. Daily vlog –

Daily vlogging is one of the high traffic niches yet one of the toughest niches to do. For a creator, this can be really hard to do a daily vlog because from selecting content to uploading a video on YouTube every day you have to do almost everything by yourself; of course, you can ask for help from your close one for shooting and editing part. Your content should be unique and entertaining, then your audience will stick to your videos.

In the daily vlog niche, creators try to show their personal life or daily activity by documenting it in a video format and later uploading it on Youtube. Some daily vlog YouTube ideas for girls such as – touring your house or room, your cooking style, how do you organize your projects, how do you spend your day, recommending a book you have just read or a movie recommendation that you just watch, get ready with me, review your favorite products you bought, talk about what did you learn today, etc are some of the topics you may cover in your daily vlog.

10. Reaction videos –

In this niche people or a group of people records their reactions, and emotion by watching a video and later uploading it on YouTube. This is a simple niche but it is a very popular niche. The workload for making this kind of video is very minimal compared to other niches, all you need to just sit down and record your reaction by watching someone’s video. Some ideas for reaction videos such as trending movie trailers, songs, movie scenes, etc. but beware, sometimes you may get hit by copyright strikes.

11. Cooking –

This is both high traffic and high competition niche to do for beginners. Because there are lakhs of cooking videos available on the YouTube platform. But if you know which dishes will bring you traffic then it will be a great niche for you as a beginner. I recommend you to go for a unique dish that has low competition and yet moderate traffic volume. Also, you need to focus on your YouTube SEO, then you have a chance to see success in this niche. You can use these free YouTube SEO tools to do on-page YouTube SEO for your video.

12. DIY –

DIY videos are those when someone choosing do a particular task with the help of available resources without hiring someone or asking help from someone to do that, which means building, modifying, and repairing certain things only by you. Some DIY video ideas for girls such as Home decor, leftover title decor, handpainted wallpaper, cement hacks, reused bottles, garden sculptures, etc. 

Conclusion –

No matter which above-mentioned idea you are choosing, if you continue making awesome content then surely you will see success. And if you have any other recommendations for YouTube ideas for girls please feel free to comment below.

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