13 Best YouTube Ideas For Teens To Make Videos

If you are a teen whose age lies between 13-19, want to create a YouTube channel, and wondering about what will be niche you should look for? To make it easy for you, I have written some YouTube ideas for teens.

It is my recommendation that you should go for what you love to do but sometimes you need to research the niche to see if it has a large audience or not.

YouTube ideas for teens

13 YouTube ideas for teens

1. Challenges

People love to watch challenging videos as funny activities happen in every video. It will be more fun if you partner with your friend. Below I have mentioned some challenging ideas that you can try-

Baby food challenge- You can challenge yourself by eating baby food for 24 hrs and recording your reaction. For some people, it may be delicious and for some maybe not. Also made a video about how much you can name the ingredients that baby food is made of.

Try not to laugh challenge- You can do this challenge alone but it will be more interesting when you do this with your friend or with your family member. Here you and your partner need to watch funny videos and both of you have to remain serious when the video is playing, if you or your partner laugh while watching the video then both of you lose the challenge.

Draw on my back challenge-This challenge needs two or more people to participate and some paper, tape, and pencil to draw. First, your partner will attach the white paper to your back and will draw something.  The aim of this challenge is, that you need to feel it and draw the exact thing that is drawn on your back by your partner.

Blindfolded Food Tasting Challenge- Here someone will blindfold you and then gives you some food to taste. The challenge is that you need to taste the food and guess what is it and also guess the ingredients for making this food.

Blindfolded makeup challenge- This is a fun challenge to do for YouTube videos, especially for teen girls. Here you need a partner to do it. The aim of this challenge is that who will do better makeup without seeing.

2. Cooking – 

Another great YouTube idea for teens is cooking. People love to watch cooking videos, not only for entertainment but also for tutorials. This is one of the most competitive ideas yet high-traffic vlogging niche ideas. If you have expertise in cooking you can create a separate channel dedicated to making dishes for your audience.

youtube video ideas for teens

Try to make dishes which has low competition on YouTube. But how do you research the niche? well, I have already made a free SEO keywords software post where you can search any niche.

3. Cover song videos –

It’s all about music. Make cover songs and record them. If your voice is soulful then you should make cover songs that are popular or trending right now, it will be a plus point if you know to play some instruments. It will attract viewers and have a good chance of going viral if you sing beautifully. Cover a classic song, a trending song in a different genre, remix a song are some of the other ideas you can look up to.

4. Drawing & Painting –

If you love to draw and paint something then you should try this idea. ASMR coloring, painting collection, drawing with your weak hand, drawing with your foot, painting clay pots, the tools you use to draw, are some of the  YouTube ideas for teens.

youtube ideas for teenage

5. Dress Collection –

Another YouTube video idea for teens is showing a dress collection. If you love to collect or have a variety of dresses then you can make a video of it. Show your new collection of dresses as well as old ones or what is your upcoming festive dress collection etc., these are some of the ideas you may work on.

Also, help your audience by providing information like where they can buy these dresses. By doing this you can make money from affiliate marketing.

6. Favorite things –

What is your favorite thing? What do you love to do during your free time? It can be anything such as favorite food, favorite music, favorite movies, etc. Share these things with your audience by making a video on them.

You can give reviews about your favorite movie and music and also ask your subscribers about their opinion about these movies or music. This way engagement will grow up and ultimately you can build a relationship with your subscribers.

7. Gaming –

The gaming industry is growing rapidly day by day. As a teenager, you automatically tend to play different kinds of games either on mobile or on PC. If you love to play games you can choose games as your main niche. Apart from playing games, you can review games, live streaming, unbox gaming gadgets, etc.

8. How-To Videos –

You can make videos and share with your subscribers how you do certain things such as –

How to set up your camera – Your subscriber may ask you how you set up the camera for making a video. To answer this you can make a dedicated video on this. Apart from showing your vlogging setup, you can also share your types of equipment like your primary camera, lens, lighting, stabilizer, etc.

How to edit a video – Also your subscribers may love your video editing style and may be curious to know how you edit your videos. You can make a video on this topic also. What PC you use, the video editing software, where you can find Royalty-free music for your video, etc are some of the topics you can cover in this video.

How to be organized- You can talk about how to get organized with your life, and how to improve your workflow which leads to productivity. Make a video on how you plan, put things to do in your calendar, what to rid of unnecessary things, etc share it with your subscribers.

9. Makeup topics to talk about –

Especially teenage girls may create videos based on this topic. Under this category, you can make videos about various things such as – get ready with me, makeup reviews, wedding makeup, everyday makeup, tour makeup, your makeup kit collection, your favorite makeup brands, Holloween makeup look for (year), recreate celebrity look, how to get glowing skin. etc.

10. Talk about Yourself –

This is one of the best youtube video ideas for teens, not only teens but any age group of YouTubers can make videos on this topic.  Some of your subscribers are eager to know about your personal life, what you do, what’s your favorite food, your goals. A day in a life- Here you can film yourself about day activity, your summer/winter bucket list, your monthly or weekly goals, self-care day with you, etc. some ideas for the teen. You can also do a Q&A video session with your subscribers.

11. Tour –

In this topic, you can show different places to your audience. It can be your home tour, city tour, or different places you visit. You can also make videos about the types of equipment you carry during your tour. Apart from money income through monetization, this can be the best option for affiliate marketing. For this, you need to tell your audience which equipment is good or bad and the utility of this equipment, etc.

12. Reaction videos –

Reaction videos are those when a person or a group of people record their reaction by watching another video and later uploading it. Here all you need is to just sit down and film your reaction by watching someone’s video. Here you can react to trending video trailers, songs, movie scenes, etc. but beware, sometimes you may get copyright strikes.

13. Routine –

As a teenager what is your routine? What routine do you follow to stay fit? You can share your daily routine or weekly routine with your subscribers. Routine such as body care routine, morning routine or bedtime routine, school morning routine, school night routine, also you try to follow your best friend routine.

Conclusion –

Nowadays there are lots of teens who create YouTube videos along with continuing their studies, you should create a channel and start working only on it. Above mentioned youtube ideas for teens have a tremendous chance to attract an audience to your YouTube channel. If you have other youtube ideas for teenagers please feel free to comment below.

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