14 Best YouTube Ideas To Vlog Without Showing Your Face

So, you want to start a vlog without showing your face and looking for faceless youtube video ideas. Then let me assure you, you are in the right place. In this blog, I have mentioned some ideas for the YouTube channel without showing your face.

Vlog Without Showing Your Face

How to vlog without showing your face ?

There are some people who don’t want to show their faces because of numerous reasons such as because of shyness or for some YouTube beginners who have no budget yet to buy some expensive equipment but still want to start their career on YouTube. This may be a challenging idea, don’t worry, it’s perfectly fine to start your YouTube channel without showing your face in terms of both views and money.

To start this faceless youtube channel you need some basic budget-friendly equipment such as a laptop, a microphone, some software, and you are set to go.

Following are the 14 ideas to vlog without showing your face –

1. Animations :

Animation is one such topic you can choose for a vlog without showing your face. If you have a passion for animated skills and you want to tell stories or want to make comedy videos through animated characters then you should try this. Powtoon. Blender, Video Scribe, Sinfig studio, are some of the best simple and effective animation software.

Some popular animators on YouTube: TheOdd1sOut, Jaiden Animations

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2. Budgeting & Planning :

knowledge of budgeting and planning helps people in many ways, such as – they will know how to manage their expenditure, how to save money, how to overcome their debt, and also achieve their future goals. If you have knowledge about this niche then you can go for it. It is very high traffic and high CPC niche and you don’t need to show your face to advise them.

ideas for youtube channel without showing your face

3. Compilation Videos :

A compilation video is nothing but a assemble of various clips from other sources in a particular video. Clips can be anything such as movie clips, music clips, tv shows clips, memes, funny clips, reaction video clips, etc. The viewers of this particular niche are growing day by day and nowadays tons of YouTube channels are based on this niche. This type of channel is a great example of a faceless YouTube channel.

But the real question is can I monetize compilation videos? Well, there is no direct answer. Your channel can’t be monetized unless you have rights for the footage you use. But if you use the no rights footage under the fair use or creative commons licenses then you can monetize your channel.

faceless youtube video ideas

4. Cooking :

Cooking is another niche, where you don’t have to show your face. The audience of this niche is very high because people all over the world loved to watch food making process and want to learn from it. For this buy an overhead tripod, which will make it easier for you to capture scenes without having to be in front of the camera.

best no face youtube channel ideas

5. DIY :

The meaning of DIY is “Do it Yourself”, which means you are doing a particular work with the help of available materials instead of hiring someone. This is also another idea for a youtube channel without showing your face. Leftover tile decor, reuse bottles, cement hacks, garden sculpture, build own compost bin are such ideas for DIY projects.


6. Drawing & Painting :

If you’re an artist who loves to draw and paint something then you should try this niche, because in this niche it is not necessary to show your face to make a video. The only matters here are your hand/foot, the paper, and the tools you use to draw the painting. ASMR coloring, your painting collection, draw with your weak hand, draw with your foot, show the tools you use to draw, are some of the topics you may cover within this niche.


7. Gaming :

The gaming industry is very large. In YouTube, there is a lot of potentials to grow the audience and earn huge income from this niche. You can live stream, unboxing gaming products, participated in game challange, sharing game news and reviews within this niche.


8. Screen Recording :

By screen recording, you can teach many topics to people such as how to use particular software, how to sign up for an account, how to transfer money, how to trade cryptocurrency, etc. You need only a laptop, a microphone if you want to record your voice, and screen recording software like OBS Studio, TinyTake, Ezvid, Camtasia.

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9. Restoration :

Restoration videos are a joy to watch. People loved to see restoration videos where a person restoring something from bad conditions. Restoring hardware tools, wooden materials, cloths, antique jewelry restoration, phone restoration are some of the topics of it. Here also use of an overhead tripod make it easier for you to make this type of video.


10. Sports :

Sports news like transfer, tactical analysis, commentary for live sports is another YouTube channel idea without revealing your face. Many sports fans have the interest to know about the news about their beloved sports club or country, transfer news of players, etc and also sometimes many sports fans don’t have access to the live visual of their favorite match, so they opted for live commentary of the match on YouTube.


11. Product Unboxing & Reviews :

From the point of both viewers and money, product unboxing and reviewing them is one of the best no face youtube channel ideas. Also, this could be done without having to be in front of a camera. Apart from your own interest, you can unbox new gadgets, toys, makeup products, household items as well as review them. Also, you can review books you recently read, review different apps for daily use.

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12. How To :

Just like you, every person has queries related to different things at different times. Nowadays maximum people try to solve their problems by looking at YouTube. You may try to solve their problems by making such video as title “How to…”. Here you don’t need to show your face. You just need a PC or mobile screen recording software and a mic.

how to-techwh

13. Stop Motion :

Another way to tell a story to your audience is by making a stop motion animation video. It’s a technique that involves capturing movements of things or objects on the frame at a time. Between the shots, the objects are moved slightly to capture different movements and after that, these frames are combined together to make a video. In order to make this kind of video you don’t need to show your face but knowledge of camera placing, lighting setup is very much essential.

stop motion-techwh

14. Reddit Jokes :

Reddit is one of the best social media websites. There are multiple subreddits are in the Reddit platform dedicated solely to memes, jokes. stories. You can assemble those memes, jokes and make videos on them. Here you only need a pc, software to write those. Reddit jokes are very much popular on YouTube.

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How to make money on youtube without showing your face ?

Above I have mentioned some faceless youtube video ideas. Now the question is how can make money without revealing your face. Well like there are numerous ways to earn money.

Such as –

  1. Advertising
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling your products
  4. Sponsorship
  5. Super chats
  6. Membership

In my other blog post, I have written elaborately on the topic ‘How Do Vloggers Make Money‘. You may check it out for a bigger picture.

Conclusion :

If you provide quality content then your subscriber and views automatically grow. It may take some time but you will see the result. Apart from these above ideas of vlog without showing your face, if you have any suggestions please feel free to share them in the comment section.

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