9YouTube SEO Free Tools For YouTubers

SEO is one of the essential parts of the YouTube platform. YouTube SEO means the process of optimizing your YouTube videos to rank high in YouTube’s organic search when someone searches for a specific title or keyword. Without optimizing YouTube videos it is difficult to rank videos on YouTube organic results, let’s say on the top 5. There are lots of paid and free YouTube video optimization tools available on the internet where you can research. In this post, I’m going to mention some YouTube SEO free tools, by which you can research your query without any cost.

youtube seo free tools

YouTube SEO free tools –

Just like free SEO tools for a website to optimize a blog post available on the internet, YouTube also has some free YouTube optimization tools available for you to start. These tools will help you to optimize video. 

Only creating a video will not be enough for you to reach a large amount of audience. You need to make sure that your video needs come first or second when people search for the same query that your video is made of. This is where these YouTube channel SEO tools will help you to achieve. So without any further delay let’s discuss these free YouTube SEO tools.

1. Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool-

You’re probably thinking isn’t Ahrefs SEO tool one of the highly expensive SEO tools, well you’re absolutely right but Ahrefs offers some free tools besides their paid versions where you can search your queries with limited metrics but they are super helpful. One such free tool they offer is the Ahrefs YouTube keyword tool.

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With this free Ahref YouTube keyword tool, you can generate up to 100 keywords for a given query. This tool generates keyword ideas for a query into two categories, one is ‘phrase match’ i.e. related keywords that match with the original query apart from the original keyword and the other one is ‘Questions’ where you can discover associated questions for the given query. You can generate keywords and volumes for 243 different countries.

2. Social Blade –

It is basically a platform where you can check statistics and measure the growth of your YouTube channel. Apart from YouTube, you can also check statistics for other social media platforms like Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Daily motion. This SEO  tool currently tracks approximately 23 million YouTube channels across the world. You can check your own YouTube channel stats or you can check other people channel’s stats.

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When you enter your channel URL and search for it, then this shows you numerous data or metrics about your channel such as your channel Grade, Social blade worldwide rank, subscriber rank, country rank, subscribers for the last 30 days, your channel estimated monthly/yearly income (if monetized), video views for the last 30 days, daily subscribers/views/estimated earning, etc. By using this tool you can compare your channel to the other youtube channel that is under the same niche and try to improve your channel ranking.

3. Keywordtool.io –

This is a really good freemium too for YouTube SEO. To get more views and subscribers you need to make videos that people are already searching for. But how will you know which query people are searching under your niche? The answer is YouTube itself, YouTube autocomplete will help you to find these data, but there is a problem, only a handful of data will show up when typing something in the YouTube search bar.

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Well in this situation this Keywordtool.io helps you. This tool pulls these queries from YouTube and makes a list of keywords that people are searching for. Apart from keyword suggestions this tool also provides data for different categories like ‘Questions’, ‘Preposition’, ‘Hashtags’ for a given query, which will you help you in optimizing your video further. 

But in their free version, you will get only a handful of data for the different metrics such as ‘Search volume’, ‘Trend’, ‘CPC’, ‘Competition’ for keywords from the keyword list.

4. Keyword Sheeter –

Keyword Sheeter is a great tool to generate keyword ideas for a given query. This tool generates tons of keyword ideas with a single click. You can select a region where you want to target the audience also by selecting language preference. Their advanced feature allows you to select regional divisions also. Apart from YouTube, with this tool; you can generate keyword ideas for books, images, products also.

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5. Rapidtags

Tags are one of the important parts of YouTube ranking factors. You must add tags when you upload a video in order to help viewers to find your content. You can easily add relevant tags in a video from your side but if you are unable to add tags or search for high-value or SEO effective tags then you can use the Rapidtags tool.

best youtube seo tools

This is a free tool that will help you generate lots of tags for your video. Simply go to their website and click the ‘Use tools for free’ button. This click will lead you to another page where you can simply enter your YouTube video title and click the search button. This click will generate lots of SEO effective tags which you use in your YouTube SEO.

6. TubeBuddy –

Tubebuddy is the widely used browser extension for YouTube SEO, its extension is available for browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. After installing the extension go to YouTube.com then link your account to this. You’ll see lots of popular features such as Keyword Explorer, Click Magnet, Thumbnail Generator, Tags generator are available in this tool. With the Videolytics feature, you can analyze videos with different metrics such as total views, ranked tags with search ranking, Tubebuddy SEO score, etc.

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7. YTRank –

This web-based online free tool allows you to check your video or any other video’s rank for a specific keyword on the YouTube platform. First, you need to enter a URL and enter keywords that you want to check position then click “Find rank”. A table will appear within seconds with different metrics such as ‘Page’, ‘Position’, ‘Rank’ against the single keyword.

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In this tool you can search only 5 keywords against a URL at a time, also you can select your preferred country that you want to see the rank as country-wise video ranking is different for a particular video.

8. Kparser –

Kparser is another great YouTube SEO free tool to generate keyword ideas, long-tail keywords, tags. You need to enter your keywords and click start, lots of keywords ideas will appear in front of you with Kparser rank. To see other metrics such as volume and CPC you need to upgrade to the Pro plan, but still, you can use these keywords in optimizing your video without any pay penny.

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9. Google Trends –

Google Trends is used to see which topic is trending right now on Web search, YouTube search, Image search, and News searches. If you want to make a video on a trending topic that helps you to bring lots of views instantly then you can use this tool. When you search a topic on google trends you can select the region as per your wish also you can select time duration. Also, you can compare your topic with other related topics to see which topic search is increasing.

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Conclusion –

By using these above-mentioned YouTube SEO free tools you can optimize your YouTube video in an effective way, which will you to achieve in ranking your videos. If you have any suggestions for the best YouTube SEO tools please feel free to comment below.

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